The Martian landscapes near Yekaterinburg

Visit the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich, a natural landscape full of beauty. How to get to the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich here we explain. Excursion in the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich with Free tour Russia will know.

One of the most beautiful and extraordinary places in the Urals that full of admiration to any photographer. The extraordinary Martian-like landscapes appeared in a mud quarry.

Visit the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich

Officially this place is called the Poldnevskiy terrain of the Troitsko-Baynovskoe deposit of refractory clay. The deposit is elongated and narrow, with 20 kilometers to the south of the Bogdanovich station and occupies an area of ​​75 square kilometers. Stock quarry is one of the largest deposits of the Urals.

They started to explode before the revolution. The Troitsko-Baynovskoe field is composed of some areas. The most interesting is the Poldnevskaya layer, which is the largest of them all.

The deposit became the base of the Bogdanovich factory that they started to build in 1930. The refractory brick they used for blast furnaces at the Magnitogorsk metallurgical plant.

The pimples have different shades of white and light gray to deep blacks and dialyzed iron and ect. The muds consist mainly of kaolinite and contain quartz sand, pyrite, mica and plant remains. Of minerals you can find tourmaline, rútilo, zircon and etc. The deposits are very different in appearance exactly because they have a great variety of mud.

Las colinas sobresalen de las formas de crestas diferentes. Paseando por aquí se puede sentir como en otro planeta, así tan sencillo puede visitar el Marte o la Luna. Estos lugares son perfectos para sesión de foto o para grabar las películas sobre otros planetas  o de hechos postapocalípticos. En algunos lugares el barro se derramó como una mosaica.

Aquí hay algunos lagos de color rojo-pardo. Este tono los tiene por el minera pirit. Bañarse en estos lagos es peligroso para la salud. Uno de los lagos le gusta a las gaviotas, aquí hay miles de estos pájaros. Aquí crían sus pajarillos, parece que en los lagos hay peces. Al norte-oeste hay lagos con el agua azul.

Excursion in the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich

Going to enjoy the scenery is best in dry weather and put on high, closed shoes that protect the feet from the sand and mud. Be careful: mud is dangerous and unpredictable. The surface that seems hard abruptly can be converted to sand.

Near Bogdanovich it is worth visiting the picturesque lakes of “seven colors” (Semitsvetnie), a waterfall near Bainaj, the caves near Sujoy Log or quarry of alabaster.

How to get to the Martian landscapes of Bogdanovich

The area is in the Sverdlovskaya province south of the city Bogdanovich near the village Poldnevoy.

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