The Monastery of the Nativity in Tver

The beautiful Monastery of the Nativity in Tver is located near the bank of the Tmaka river. Today it is difficult to name a specific date of the foundation of the monastery, but the first written mention of it refers to the early 16th century. Subsequently, the ruined monastery was rebuilt, so until the beginning of the 19th century, all their buildings were made of wood. The rock monastery was rebuilt in the first half of the 19th century, and all its wonderful buildings formed a harmonious architectural complex in the classical style. It is one of the monasteries in Tver that we recommend you visit.

After the Revolution, the Monastery of the Nativity in Tver on the Tmaka River was closed and a gymnasium was later opened on the site of the cathedral. The reactivation of the monastery began in 1999. Today, the monastery complex consists of six churches, including an original one, before the revolution. However, the churches are not fully recovered, but the whole is as a whole and it looks very good now.

The restructuring of the first church of the Monastery of the Nativity in Tver was financed by Countess Chernysheva, connected later to the case of the Grand Duchess of the imperial family. Thanks to them, the main cathedral was built, but one year after its completion the church suddenly collapsed. The author of the following project had his reasons to believe in the famous Carlo Rossi. The new cathedral was consecrated in 1820. It is a large classical church with a triangular portico of the main facade, supported by four columns and five chapters on the reels with semi-circular vaults. The interior of the cathedral was decorated with wonderful paintings that are recovered so far.

The Cathedral of the Resurrection is one of the cathedrals dioceses. The church was built in 1913, for the anniversary of the reign of the imperial house, and the construction was financed by the royal family. The consecration in 1916, attended the Grand Duchess Isabel Feodorovna. The cathedral was closed in 1936, but it returned to the church in 1988. This is a beautiful neo-Russian building with three naves and a powerful central drum. One of the most precious sanctuaries of the cathedral are the relics of Sergiya Srebryanskogo.

From side to side there is a small church of the royal martyrs, held in a single architectural form of the cathedral on the river Tmaka. This new addition to the monastic complex: the church was built in 2006, but has combined organically into a single ensemble.

The door of the church of the Transfiguration was the first stone building in the Monastery complex (the monasteries in Tver). It was built in the period between 1800 to 1805. This was designed by architect Lviv. It is a small building with a compact triangular portico, above the arch there is a large flat semi-circular dome, covered with a dome with a cross.

Today the little Church of Nikolay Chudotvorets is in the most pitiful state. She stands at the edge of the monastery, away from other buildings on the side of the Lane Sands.

The Hospital of the Holy Church of the Trinity is very small and is in harmony with the architectural style of the door. It has a flat main dome with a small dome in the center. It should also be noted that the wall of the monastery has a tower to the southwest: it is not yet restored, but it looks quite picturesque. This high multi-faceted building is made with brick Zakomaras on the top. There is also a tower with an angular fence.

Do not forget to visit the monasteries in Tver during your trip to Russia.

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