The Moscow Train Station

The Moscow Train Station is one of the largest train stations in St. Petersburg, which entered into the three busiest railway stations in Russia in St. Petersburg for more than 160 years of operation, which became a comfortable and modern complex, with daily use of 15,000 passengers with long-distance trains of up to 30,000 passengers.

History of The Moscow railway station

The twin brother of the Leningrad train station at the Moscow train station was built in the mid-19th century. And it has a name in honor of then-Emperor Nicholas I Nikolaevskaya, while the modern name of the station is given only in 1930

By the way, the author of the construction project of the Moscow train station was Konstantin Ton. The location chosen for Nicholaevskaya Station allowed to fit into the structure of the main highway of the capital and thus be in the central business part of the city. This, of course, made the station very convenient for passengers.

The emperor himself took an active part in the design of the new station square.

In 1923 the railway station got a new name Oktyabrsky. And later in 1930 changed to Moskovsky (Moscow).

What are the destinations of Moscow railway station?

From the Moscow train station, you can go to Moscow,  Samara, Ufa, Adler, Nizhny Novgorod, and many other cities of Russia. Trains to the capital run every day almost every hour. But the speedest express train “Sapsan” takes only 4 hours to get you to Moscow.

From the Moscow train station, passengers can also go to the closest neighbors of the Baltic.