The Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl

The Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl was opened in 1981. The initiative of the creation of this military museum in Russia submitted several well-known veterans of the infantry division, who participated in the defence of Moscow by the Great Patriotic War. However, the exhibition is dedicated not only to the Second World War (that is why it is so striking) but also covers all the great conflicts that shook Russia during its existence. The abundance of equipment and weapons is the main advantage of the museum, and is appreciated, especially by children, as they are found all over the place. It is ideal for learning about Russian military history.

What you can see in this military museum in Russia?

Today the collection of the Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl includes more than 500 items, and the exhibition is divided into 5 sections, each devoted to a certain historical period.

The period of the Mongol invasion of the 12th and 14th centuries is represented by a unique collection of ancient objects, including spears, swords and arrows. In addition to weapons, there are exhibits and everyday objects of the time. About Yaroslavl’s life in the period from the 13th to the 16th century, you can find weapons and uniforms, as well as nets, helmets and harnesses. The memory of the war of 1812 is stored in the hall, which displays the uniforms of grenadiers, dragon helmets, firearms, knives and daggers. And the exhibition dedicated to the First World War, includes pistols, rifles and military uniform items including tunics, boots and other personal belongings of the soldiers.

The site is located next to the Soviet military vehicle museum area, where you can see a T-54 tank, armored personnel carrier, anti-aircraft missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles and even a fragment of the “Yaroslavsky Komsomolets” submarine.

But the most ambitious exhibition is called “winners” and is dedicated to the Second World War. Particular attention is given to the things of the soldiers, for example, Sofi Averichevoy, the actress of the Volkov Theatre and the changes of scene on the battlefield. In the collection of the Museum of Military Glory in Yaroslavl the tunic and helmet of Marshal Fedor Tolbujin are stored. There are also the items that belonged to General Paul Baht who did the unprecedented military service of 70 years.


If you want to know Russian military history, here are the details.

Address: Yaroslavl, ul. Uglich, 44a. Tel: +7 (485) 230-38-69.
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday open 10:00 to 17:00.
Start session in this military museum in Russia: 60 RUB for school students. For older people there is a charge of 30 RUB, and for children under 16 it is free.


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