The Museum of the Sin

The Museum of the Sin: what do you have to know about it

In Tambov there is an analogue of the famous Kunstkamera, the Museum of the Sin. Here you can find a collection of medical pathologies, collected by the pathologist of the Hospital of the Second City. Archbishop Luke Yuri Kirillovich Shchukin.

The Museum of the Sin contains more than seven hundred containers with limbs, organs and human embryos linked to alcohol. The name of the museum is not accidental. For more than 35 years of work in the morgue, Shchukin selected the remains of corpses for his unique collection, clearly illustrating the consequences of harmful human vices such as drinking and drug addiction.

Raisin collections

For example, a detached finger symbolizes adultery. The husband who returned early, had frightened the lover, jumped out the window, picked up a ring and his finger came out. A huge bumpkin is a horn, which is the result of theft: the owner of the house caught the thief and hit him with something heavy on the head, which is why the impressive size of the bulge. There are light smokers and liver drinkers, but the most shocking exposures are the unborn embryos of alcoholic and drug-addicted mothers. Here, the baby of four eyes is kept for the instruction of the descendants, which is the fruit of a drunken mother, and the baby with the eyes instead of the ears is the consequence of the use of drugs during pregnancy. Almost alien, but the causes of deformity and ugliness are absolutely earthly.

Here is a sign with an inscription in Latin: “This is the place where the dead teaches the living.” According to the pathologist, this exhibition is designed to demonstrate the consequences of cigarette use or drug addiction, and this knowledge is useful not only for doctors, but also for young people.


How to get to the Museum of the Sin?

Originally the museum was located in the depths of the morgue of the Hospital of the Second City. However, with the increase in the number of exhibitions and the growing interest, the existing objects turned out to be poorly adapted. Therefore, after the reorganization of the pathoanatomical department of City Hospital II, Archbishop Luka in the fall of 2011 transferred the entire exhibition to the the educational building of the TSU. G. Derzhavin on Sovetskaya Street, No. 93.

Currently, the Sin Museum works as a unit of the anatomical and educational museum of the Medical Institute of Tambov State University. G. R. Derzhavin. Here, a healthy lifestyle is actively promoted. Groups of students from various educational institutions of Tambov come on tours under the guidance of their creator and permanent custodian. Yu. K. Shchukin is now not only the head of the museum he has made on his own. Also he is a teacher at the university’s medical faculty.

The money to visit the museum is not taken at the beginning at the Museum of the Sin.