The “Old Vladimir” Museum

Located next to the famous Golden Gate of Vladimir is the Museum “Old Vladimir”, is a unique phenomenon. It is not even in its exhibitions, among which, by the way, its rarity is something special, and that it is the first Russian museum that was opened in the building of the water tower. This place appeared in 1868, and in 1912 it was rebuilt. Externally, the building resembles a fortress tower and is a three-story brick building in the shape of tanks, made in the neo-Russian style. Its water tower was built on purpose and served until the 1950s. It was replaced by the urban water supply, and for a time everything was forgotten. It was remembered in 1967, when they decided to keep it and given to the state as a monument to urban planning and architecture. In 1971, the tower was moved to the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve, which began to equip the building for the new museum. The “Old Vladimir” After the reconstruction in 1975, together with the water tower was opened as a museum.

The museum exhibition

The exhibition has three floors of the tower dedicated to the life of the city from the late 19th century and early 20th century, which we see normal every day in Vladimir and unvarnished. The Philistines, officials, merchants in the stands and spaces pay attention to all sectors of the city. There can be no hurry to mentally walk the old streets, look in the restaurant, with a breeze and ride a horse-drawn carriage, visit a theatrical premiere, or visit a musical night at the officer’s house. Here there is a rich house of the lean church shop of rich Vladimirtsov, but the charming restaurant with a samovar, trays and cups. The interiors are meticulously recreated and convey the flavor of the old city and the era as a whole. The walls are decorated with yellowish period newspapers, magazine pages and book excerpts.

Lovers of photographs and old postcards will get a real pleasure, looking at a collection of photos and postcards of the late 19’s and early 20’s, with images of streets, squares, old cathedrals. Visitors are attracted to the colorful museums of advertising sales of businesses, restaurants and taverns.

In total, the museum “Old Vladimir” has collected about 800 exhibits, among them are truly unique elements. For example, one of the true legendary grid cameras of Vladimir Central.
After touring the main exhibition, which occupies three floors, you can go up to the fourth open floor where the panoramic viewing platform is located. In all its splendor will appear before they spread on the banks of Vladimir Klyazma, and observe its many architectural monuments such as the famous white stone cathedral.