The one who had, kept

Great players are always great. Many players have retired from competitive football at a certain age, change their tune and leave competitive teams or leagues to play in the minor leagues.

Some players decide to go and play for their hometown team or simply play for lower division teams.

Others, however, decide to go and squeeze the remaining years of playing football in countries where they are given a huge salary, such as in the leagues of Qatar, China or Korea. Among these players are Xavi Hernández, formerly of FC Barcelona, Jackson Martinez, the Colombian who played for Atl Madrid, Gervinho, who left Roma, Cannavaro who played for R Madrid and Rivaldo himself, also of FC Barcelona

And finally there is that group of players who go to emerging leagues that also have a good salary and the quality of life is not as different as the Asian leagues, that is, they go to the MSL in the United States. In this situation there are great footballers who have amazed the world as is the case of Kaka who plays in Orlando City, formerly of R Madrid, David Villa who plays in New York City with Andrea Pirlo, formerly of Juventus Turin. And the English Frank Lampard, also in New York City, from Chelsea and Steven Gerrar, who played in Liverpool, in the LA Galaxy where David Beckham also played.

The good thing they have is that although they are “older” for the sport of high competition in major European leagues or central-south American, in these leagues give an exceptional performance and is that with age you can lose physicality, endurance and so on, but that magic, that touch, those wonders they did with the ball, no matter how long it passes, is not lost.

Apart from helping their respective teams, they also teach young talent that emerges in these leagues. Many young Asian players are emerging and are being signed by European teams, such as Ji-Sung of Manchester U, Keisuke Honda who played for CSKA Moscow and Hiroshi Kiyotake who plays for Sevilla.

Besides, there are those who are collaborating with the federation of those countries to develop football and even organize a World Cup! Like the one in Qatar in 2022.

Author: Jordi Pina