The Park on the Sino-Soviet island in Yaroslavl

Damanskiy Island Park (Sino-Soviet Island) is a real attraction for guests in Yaroslavl. On holidays and weekends the crowds of tourists rush to come here, the joyful lovers of fun and the indispensable attribute of all amusement parks like cotton candy. The city park attracts so many visitors. It is well maintained, there is a rich plot of land adorned with bright flowers and numerous winding paths around the trees, leading to a secluded spot on the banks of the Kotorosl.

Nature has not deprived the island of its gifts. On Damanskiy Island all conditions are given for a comfortable rest of Yaroslavl and guests of the old town. In different parts of the SinoSoviet island area there are several places nearby, for example, there is an area for the little ones, where they are expected from the safe carousel, the train, the wedding carousel, the inflatable trampoline, and areas with adapted cars, where the children play as electric car drivers.

The Sino-Soviet island park is located in the historical and tourist center of Yaroslavl, so it is organic to combine a visit with a walk along Damansky Strelka (Damanskiy Island), the Volga and the Kotorosl embankments.

The attractions for adults are impressive, not only in their diversity, but also the emotions drift from one part of the park, where they are located. The veins of blood freeze as they watch the “free-fall tower” or roller coaster fall at breakneck speed. For decades the love of Yaroslavl’s rides “Mars”, “Giant Swing”, “Peace” has been enjoyed.

The park on the Sino-Soviet island does not become an empty alley during the winter. The citizens go to the island covered with snow by skiing and snowmobiling in the horse carts and sledding, playing with snowballs and molding the snowman.

More enjoyment in the park

Customers can park and are offered a rich cultural program. It is the usual venue for concerts by local bands, musical evenings, discos, youth concerts for veterans, as well as various festivals such as Youth Day or Ice Cream Day. The Segway bicycle rollers are very close by.

From the streets of the island you can find the Podzelene Damanskiy Bridge, they are the favorite of the newlyweds who incredibly pass by there. According to tradition, the groom must take the bride across the bridge, and then the lovers must perpetuate their wedding ring in the “Castle of Love”, which is hung from the fence or special cast-iron trees.

Today it is almost impossible to believe that the place of Yaroslavl’s favourite amusement park was ordinary gardens, where the locals used to go with sailing boats on the banks of Kotorosl and Volga.

By the way, the popular name of the island was given in 1969, it is associated with a well-known conflict on the Chinese-Soviet border.

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