The Salgir House of Vorontsov

The Salgir House in Vorontsov is one of the main attractions of Simferopol. The building is also called the Salgir House because there is an architectural monument in the park, called Salgirka, at least in the Vorontsov Park. It is the oldest park in the city, which was founded in the 19th century. What secrets does the Vorontsov House have? We reveal them.

The building was built between 1826-1827 in Narishkin for the governor general. In 1834, the governor’s widow sold the Novorossiysk House of Governor Vorontsov.

The Salgir House of Vorontsov is famous for the fact that the royal family stayed here. Along with the royal characters in the summer residence to guide the future of the poet Alexander II Konstantin Zhukovsky.

Nicholas I called this home, Salgir “Little Palace”. The official residence is intended for the members of Prince Vorontsov’s royalty, which is always contained in perfect order. Here were often members of noble families, including the Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna.

The Salgir House of Vorontsov seems to be very simple, it was built in a strict classical style. The facade is decorated with columns, it has an outside terrace that descends to the park. The service rooms are in a family house on the ground floor, above the residential and the cabins.

The separate kitchen was made in the Turkish style that was fashionable in those days. The building has the Bahchisaraj Fountain, decorated with tiles on the roof with small towers and fireplaces.

The staircase of the Salgir House of Vorontsov is decorated with sitting lion figures made of marble. They appeared in the Vorontsov House in the mid-1940s. The Germans, when they were retired, took away this decoration, together with a part of the interior finishes of the heritage of the old nobility.

The Salgir House of Vorontsov today is not the original, but a faithful reconstruction of the first one. The restoration of the monuments have been exhibited several times, only after the Second World War, in the 80s and 90s of the last century.

The first reconstruction was intentionally treated as an architectural monument; the Salgir House has changed a lot. In the 1980s, the Vorontsov House was recreated by restorers, but soon after a serious fire destroyed it. A few years later, the building was abandoned and in ruins. Finally, in the mid-1990s, the 20th century Vorontsov House was returned as an architectural monument. Now the situation is more than just reminiscent of that building, as it was in the 19th century. The paintings on the walls have been restored and there are sculptures and paintings in the corridors.

The Salgir House is closely linked to the gardening culture in Simferopol. Even before the revolution, the pomological station was organized, which became the center of the fight against garden pests. Even in Soviet times, the Vorontsov House served as the regional plant protection station and was run by the Crimean Agricultural University. After the last restoration, scientific workers are working here again.

Finding the House of Vorontsov is easy. You have to get to the Vorontsov Park and go deeper into the green area by a paved path that goes up to the end.
Address: Simferopol, ul. Yalta, 2.

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