The Stone Staircase in Taganrog

The Stone Staircase in Taganrog is a true symbol of the city, a favorite place of citizens and guests of the city. These stairs have been here for over 100 years and have always attracted people. The secret is simple, in itself, it is an interesting architectural object, and it is truly fascinating. It is not surprising that in this place people like to enjoy the sunrise, look at the ships or watch the twilight descending the city, as many famous and great natives of Taganrog did on the coast of the Azov Sea. Among them A.P. Chekhov, N.F. Shcherbina and A.L. Vishnevsky. What did Mr. Depaldo do? Read in this article.

Here, on the Stone Staircase in Taganrog, Peredvizhnik KA Sawicki said: “Always in the city of Taganrog, on the Sea of ​​Azov, not far from my warm heart, the paintings of the fatherland inspire my artistic creativity.”

The Stone Staircase in Taganrog owes its existence to a wealthy merchant and philanthropist of Greek origin, named Gerasim Fedorovich Depaldo. It was his initiative and his funds that created today one of the most remarkable places in Taganrog on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov.

The Stone Staircase in Taganrog was built by Franz Boffo, September 14, 1823 the project was prepared and handed over. At that time I had 13 excellent building platforms with 142 steps, its width at the top was equal to 5,42 m, and at the bottom of 7,12 m, the length was 113 m, which was impressive. The low barrier and the pedestrian part of the Sarmatian limestone were installed along the edges of the stairs.

The peculiarity of this staircase is that if you look at it, then everything seems to have the same width. And if you look from the bottom up, it seems to be higher. This effect has been achieved by the architect for variable width of degrees.

Almost all those who were lucky enough to rich the top of the staircase terrace, whether citizens or guests of Taganrog, observed the magnificent view that opens from here.

By the way, the stairs have brave pages of history: during the Crimean War, on May 22, 1855, after Taganrog was shot at the enemy’s navy, the British detachment No. 100 tried to disembark and climb the Depaldo Staircase.

In the late 70s and early 19th century, a 19th century staircase was laid. It’s first complete reconstruction began in 1934. The project involved the installation of about 30 plaster figures from antiquity. For in May 1935, the plan for reviving the stone staircase became more “green” than it was before.

In the 70s of the 20th century another reconstruction took place. The next stone staircase was restored in 2006. The fact is that the measurements were made of Sarmatian stone, and these were replaced by granite, which, according to many critics, destroys the scent of a stone staircase.

Many urban traditions are associated with the Stone Staircase in Taganrog. For example, on the day of the city, the ladder race called “188 degrees” took place, and the graduates of the local school met dawn after graduation.


The stone staircase of mr. Depaldo is located between the streets of Puerto and the Greek.

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