The Vernadsky House Museum

Do you want to visit Tambov? The brilliant Russian scientist, founder of the biogeochemistry of science, is one of the representatives of Russia’s cosmogony, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, who lived a very hard life. He was lucky to be born in Czarist Russia, and it was the peak of his career to reach the Soviet Union. He was arrested for espionage, which, of course, was not released due to the request of Karpinski and Oldenburg, which they considered restricted in leaving, finally, he returned to Russia, where he met with Smer shortly before the end of World War II . In Vladimir the legendary personality is undoubtedly worthy of respect and interest. We tell you about the Vernadsky House Museum.

To better know the history of life and the legacy of one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century can go to the village Vernadovka which is now in the territory of Pichayevsky district of the Tambov region. Here is Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, who was visited regularly, even more than that, was on the author’s project and built the main Manor house with a garden and a pond system.

What is particularly interesting: Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky has always paid attention to the education and development of the people around him, even when they were simple peasants. For example, with its direct participation in the Vernadovki territory and around several schools that opened in Sanpunktov, the road was paved, and the population provided help.

Unfortunately, the original state of Vernadsky to date has not been preserved, in 2003, according to the documents and drawings of complete files that were here, an exact copy was built, where today is the Vernadsky House Museum, as well as the scientific and cultural center of the Noosphere (Vernadsky noosphere – supposedly new, the highest stage of the evolution of the biosphere, the formation of which is associated with the development of society that has a profound impact on the processes natural).

The Noosphere center has a lobby and three rooms (scientific information offices and a conference room for 40 people), and two more in the Vernadsky Museum (the living room and the scientist’s studio). Often conferences, exhibitions and seminars are organized. Here we continue with the improvements in the gardening area, such as the avenues of lime that have been recently established and the cascade of the ponds have been restored.

On May 5, 2011 was the first inaugurated monument of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky.

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