The winery “Vally of The Sun”

“Vally of The Sun” is the oldest Russian winery in the Crimean peninsula, which has a rich history and traditions. It all started with the fact that Prince Golitsyn decided that the production of wine would be well equipped in the New World to change the area of Arkhaderesse with land suitable for winemaking. In 1888, the indefatigable Golitsynym buys these soils and sows the grapes plants of the best varieties, which were located in the construction of underground cellars. For the sponsorship that attracts Prince Gorchakov, for 11 years sends the funds for its development. Unfortunately, the burst of activity of Golitsynym was far from the ideas about Gorchakov to solve the problems of the farms. After an extensive discussion of the investors, the cooperation with Golitsynym stops and prohibits him from appearing in Arkhaderesse. Since then, the winery did not obtain enough profits for its future, so it was decided to sell it.

The Golitsyn winery continues to delight connoisseurs of Crimea to drink their wines. The wine, “Valle del Sol” regularly wins prizes at prestigious European competitions.

Despite these advances, the Golitsynym case lives today. The operations of the winery did not go out and continued to delight the connoisseurs of Crimean drinking with their wines.

Now the Golitsynym winery makes aging, mixing and bottling of wines. The Farm “Valle del Sol” owns 320 hectares of vineyards, the total production is around 1 million bottles per year.
The Golitsyn winery produces several types of wines: the “Negro Doctor”, “Megan”, “Valle del Sol”, “Negro Coronel” and they are constantly developing new wine brands.

History of the Wine Museum

In 2004, at the initiative of the staff of the Russian winery, a winemaking museum was founded. The museum pieces recovered from the dusty darkness in the cellar archive and are located in the premises of the tasting room. During a visit to the museum, tourists learn about the history of winemaking in the Crimea, listen to the many legends associated with local wines, and see a bottle of wine, which has been produced since the time of Golitsyn princes.

Useful information about this Russian winery

Address: Zander, Sun Valley Village, St. Black Sea, 23

From Sudak to the winery you can get there by public transport (bus or taxi) or book a guided tour. The program of standard excursions includes the examination of the three Golitsyn wineries and the tasting.

In the store of the company, “Valle del Sol”, you can buy wine in bottles and in barrels, even in barrels of three liters.

Do not forget to take a tour in pretty cool warm clothes in the cellars. After a tour of the wineries, you can sunbathe on the beautiful local beach.


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