The Wolf Museum

No other Tambov brand has been as famous and recognizable as the Tambov’s wolf. At different times this expression was of different semantic colors. For the citizens themselves it is a very significant emblem. That’s why they have the Wolf Museum. In the wild, there are no specific species of “Tambov wolf”: rather, the forest predators that live in the Tambov region, are the ordinary gray wolves located in the nature of the Russian central belt.

Today, the Tambov wolf is one of the most popular souvenirs in the region: there are all kinds of toys made of wood and glass, magnets, key rings, various dishes with the symbolism of the “wolf”, various textiles and the other things. On the other hand, today the Tambov wolf is registered as a trademark for a wide range of products produced by Tambov companies, this ranges from the chocolate and ice creams to alcoholic beverages, as well as consumer goods.

Two monuments of the Tambov wolf were immediately installed in the city, one at the entrance to the city and the other one on the territory of one of the hotels. However in 2000 a unique regional Wolf Museum was opened in the center of the city of Tambov.


The exposition of the Museum of the Wolf presents more than two hundred exhibitions, including scientific, historical and artistic, thematically related to the image of the Tambov wolf. In addition to the sculptures, various types of drawings and images were collected with various documents related to this character of folklore. In fact, the museum was conceived by enthusiasts as the basis for the development of historical and cultural tourism in the region, with the aim of promoting the development and preservation of folk crafts, folklore and art, the development and strengthening of interregional and international relations.

There was a Wolf Museum in the main educational building of the Tambov State Technical College on Soviet Street, 106.

Unfortunately, almost all the expositions of the Wolf Museum were destroyed by fire in 2006, during a trip to Bryansk. Since then, the Tambov Wolf Museum has practically ceased to exist. Today on this web site there is the Museum of the History of Science. V. Vernadsky presents some of the personal belongings of a scientist, his notes and scientific materials that you can come to see with your family or with your friends.