The World Cup in Russia 2018

Many already know the place where the World Cup will take place but they only know what they see on the web and on television, but this destination has many places that offer the visitor a different way of appreciating Russia, destinations that you will take away from them. maximum benefit if you let us guide you. Let us introduce you in the preview of what will be The World Cup in Russia 2018 and some curiosities and challenges that will be faced in this country to achieve having the 2018 Soccer World Cup.

The 2018 Soccer World Cup will be held in Russia, a country that has a lot of diversity and peculiarities. The inaugural match will be Moscow, a beautiful city that will give you many options to enjoy, such as visiting interesting places, an iconic place like the Moscow Kremlin, the San Basilio Chairs and the infallible Lenin Mausoleum in these badges you will appreciate the beautiful architecture and history that surrounds this country, and if you wish in they can offer you multiple options so that you do not stay without touring these wonderful places.

Moscow is also well known for its shopping areas, as it has the State Department Stores or GUM its acronym in Russian, where you will find the most exclusive and luxurious stores in the world, such as the State Department Stores that can be found in the square red or the popular and spectacular “Esquinazo” which you will find next to the Bolshoi Theater and if you are one of those people who love to take a souvenir of your travel Moscow presents the perfect place for this, La Gostini Dvor or “Guest Patio” “, In GuiaRus have the perfect shopping tour for you where you will visit the best places and places.


We give way to the stadiums that will be held and remodeled for this event in order to house about 3 million people who will attend sporting events. A curious fact is that heating technology will be used to have each room at a temperature of 18 to 20 ° C, in addition to expanding its capacity to accommodate more spectators to achieve this the Russian government is investing an approximate of 150 million dollars.

The venues for the 2018 Russian World Cup will be 11 cities will be Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Samara, Sochi, Volgograd and Saransk and in these will be established the 12 stadiums that will house the thousands, millions of fans during the month of the 2018 World Cup of Russia.

el Mundial en Rusia 2018

For this sporting event superstitions of the favorite teams have already been generated to qualify for the title of the 2018 World Cup of Russia, teams like Germany that in Brazil 2014 showed great dexterity, skill, ferocity and enormous technique of play to keep the Cup, thanks to its excellent players who are now very new in football due to their young age, it is expected that by 2018 players like Gotze (22 years old), Toni Kroos (24), Muller (24) will grow enormously as footballers Give a great show at this 2018 Russian World Cup, which for these reasons without hesitation make it the favorite to win the tournament.

Other selections that caused enormous sensations and feelings for their role played in Brazil 2014, are the selections of Colombia, Belgium and France. Colombia to play that great role, revelation team with great players and the great feeling of the world James Rodriguez that clearly with his 6 goals that led him to win the gold booty and his football growth at Real Madrid, clearly shows this selection as a promise for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, on the other hand Belgium has been left with that bitter taste when occupying the fourth place and with the great certainty of having been able to give more, this selected has a promising generation that must be followed carefully, and Finally with regard to France, which will come after having played a role not very good in the 2014 World Cup, will come with players who have already become renowned in their clubs, we talk about Pogba, Griezmann, Mangala, Karin Benzema as a curious fact in 2018 will be 30 years old and we will most likely meet Franck Ribery who will be 35 years old by that date.


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Possible stars of the world 2018


On the other hand Russia offers us in each of its venues too many activities to do, from visiting monuments, gastronomic sites, tours of bars, clubs and clubs for the party, Exorbitant nature, unique architecture and for the more adventurous for travel, adventurers, the all-rounder Russia gives us the so-called trans-Siberian route that is also known as the Trans-Siberian Grand Express which takes us to travel 8,000 km by train that takes us to travel throughout Russia, Mongolia and China and will give us a without number of experiences, anecdotes, unequaled moments that only Russia can offer us, enjoy green landscapes, mountains as well as crossing seven different time zones and the average duration of this journey is seven days and six nights.

Finally last July 14, 2018 in a commemorative act in front of the Kremlin was placed to operate a gigantic clock which takes the countdown of the 1000 days before the World Cup, which you wait to come to know, tour this beautiful country that contains a very rich and intriguing culture, which has a wonderful and colorful architecture, which owns and produces more vodka than all the countries together, dare to discover, dare to explore, let yourself be guided by the professionals of Guiarus, we wait for you.

1000 dias para el mundial