The Yaroslavl History Museum

The Volga embankment in Yaroslavl is rich in museums, these treasures keep the memory of the past alive. One of them was the Yaroslavl Municipal History Museum, which opened on the initiative of the then Mayor VV Volonchunas. For the exhibitions, the old two-storey mansion of an honorary citizen of Yaroslavl, trader V. Ya, was assigned. Kuznetsova, which was built at the end of the 19th century. It took about a year for the restoration of the facade and the interior, as a result of which a new Yaroslavl History Museum was born and opened to the public in May 1998. The museum pieces took their places in the historical interiors. Incredibly and harmoniously you can see the millennial history of Yaroslavl, embodied in the collected artifacts, among the ancient walls, the wide stairs and the bright stuccoed state rooms.

The exhibition of the Yaroslavl History Museum

The exhibition space of the History Museum on the Volga embankment is full of exhibits showing the importance of the city in the whole country and the role of man in the history of the city. From one room to another, visitors are introduced to archaeological finds, including icons with portraits of ancient princes where they study the collection of ancient weapons, coins, household items. A selection of photos of public figures dedicated to the city, politicians, cultural workers, the private collection contains photographs overlooking the most picturesque corners of the city. A relatively new form of exhibition, the theme “From the history of Yaroslavl medicine” will be of interest not only to specialists in this field. In three rooms of the exhibition the development of medicine of magicians and healers from modern academies is described, which represented a team and medical offices of the 19th and 20th century.

If you didn’t pay attention to the recent stories of Yaroslavl, the exhibitions in the corridors are made with a loudspeaker with themes like “Yaroslavl’s international relations”, “the famous Yaroslavl”, “the eyes of Yaroslavl artists” where they talk about what you live and breathe in a modern city.

The Yaroslavl Historical Museum has several rooms. On Liberty City Street is the exhibition hall called NA Nuzhina, there is also the Tchaikovsky, where the works of the poet Maxim Bogdanovich Museum are located, and next to it there is an art gallery with the name of the “House of the Muses”.

In 2008, the Museum of History of this city on the Volga embankment celebrated its tenth anniversary. In that anniversary year, it became the winner of Russia’s “Intermuseum” festival.





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