Things to do in Yekaterinburg

Visit Yekaterinburg: 5 things each person must do

What to do in Yekaterinburg if you are on vacation in this great place, here we tell you. Visiting Yekaterinburg is ideal for you, come and enjoy. Getting to know Yekaterinburg is easy, thanks to Free Tours Russia who cares about you; has elaborated this article to give you some ideas of what to do.

The inhabitants of the capital of the Urals tell about their favorite and most interesting places in Yekaterinburg


What to do in Yekaterinburg
“Upside-down house” in Yekaterinburg

It is a small apartment with a child’s room, a bedroom, a living room and a garage. The only difference of the habitual residence is what in everything is literally turned upside down. The washing machine, fireplace, sofas, chairs and even the sidecar are hanging in the air and visitors move exclusively through the roof. In this house it is very interesting to have fun: watch TV with your head down, jump on the bed in the bedroom; fried the chicken in the kitchen overturned or showering upside down. Here you can take a dozen of the funny pictures, the most important thing is to choose the right posture. Excellent photos come out jumping; with hands up and on tiptoe. Also pay attention to the hairstyle, for example, make a high bun or lift the hair to make the photos more realistic.

Best French cakes in Yekaterinburg

Citizens especially appreciate Frantsuski chain coffee to sin. Here they always serve excellent cakes and the perfect American. They also put a lot of care into the recipes by adding almonds in the mulled wine and making the macaroni cake so delicious that it seems fresh from Paris.

Exotic butterflies in Yekaterinburg

In the Butterfly Park is recreated the natural environment of these insects. Here there are a hundred of them, they move absolutely free around the room, sitting on the shoulders and the hands of the visitors, they gather in small groups around a table with fruits. In an insectarium specially equipped with luck you can see how a butterfly comes out of the pupa. Any butterfly can be bought. In addition to the insects in the park there are other inhabitants of the tropics: lizards, parrots, bats, snakes and frogs.

Galileo Museum in Yekaterinburg

Galileo’s Wonderland Park is an interactive museum with a large number of mechanisms and devices that can be touched. Each museum visitor participates in various experiments and tricks: it is possible to determine the power of their voice, test the nose of the friend and learn to unhook the metal grids with a wave of the hand. You can make a dozen funny pictures in Ames’s room.

It is a small room in which a person standing in a corner stands twice as large as another corner because of the effect of the optical illusion. In the museum there are several attractions, only the strongest can stand them. For example, pass over the starry sky by a bridge of three meters, try to maintain the balance in the room of gravity and then overcome two mazes, one optical and one of the mirrors.

Labyrinth of fear in Yekaterinburg

Those who have already visited this terrible labyrinth warn: not to believe in their own eyes and trust in intuition. The absolute darkness, the frightful noises, the strange movements, the twinkling lights and the atmosphere of a real basement – here everything is like in the most terrifying movies. The decorations and the interior are changing so suddenly that no one will ever be able to predict what will appear before your eyes in a second. At every step the brave await the horrors and trials. But what are they? It’s a secret The horror is in the unexpected. Most of the traps are based on the surprise effect and the basic fears of the people.

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