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The places to visit in Russia

In 2018, Russia for the first time in its history will host the World Cup. The best teams from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania will compete for the World Cup. It is interesting that the Brazilian team, ahead of schedule, secured entry to the tournament in 2018, however, it was not expected of the most titled world team. The Brazilians have won the FIFA Cup five times and never lost the participation in the final part of the tournament. The success of the Russian team is more modest, the best result for all time is the fourth place in the 1966 World Cup. In total, in the final part of the 2018 World Cup will be played 32 teams, including Russia.

The tournament will be held from June 14 to July 15 in eleven cities of the country. The opening match and final will be held in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium, the semifinals in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Sochi, the World Cup will host the “Fisht” stadium, already familiar to the guests of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The wolf Zabivaka

The mascot of the football championship in 2018, the wolf Zabivaka was elected by popular vote. In a solemn ceremony, the election of the mascot participated in the world football legend Ronaldo and Zvonimir Boban, occupying the position of deputy general secretary of FIFA. The organizers point out that the mascot chosen “the wolf” is the youngest player in the team, but it is the fastest, technically stable. The Wolf Zabivaka is charming, cheerful, and his favorite pastime is playing football. Zabivaka observes the rules of fair play, the values ​​of teammates and respect for the opponent.

How to enter the stadium?

To pass to the stadium you must also issue a fan passport (Fan ID). This is a Russian know-how, designed to serve both the safety and the comfort of football fans. For example, foreigners with Fan ID do not need to worry about a Russian visa, and traveling by public transport in the cities that own the globalia with this document is free.
You can send a request for the design of Fan ID online or you can request it personally to the center for the issuance of Fan ID passports. It will be necessary to indicate the number of the ticket purchased for football, the details of the passport and provide a color photograph.

Official ticket sales begin on December 1, 2017, prices for foreigners and citizens of the host country are different. The cheapest ticket for non-residents of Russia will cost $ 105, so it’s worth looking at any of the group matches, except the first game. The prices for the final games are from 455 to 1100 dollars. The center seats in the stands are more expensive than the corner and the sector behind the door. Tickets will be sold only on the official FIFA website:

Travel between cities of the World Cup can be on trains, it is the best way to see Russia, but the trip will be quite long: for example, a train from Moscow to Yekaterinburg, on the road takes more than a day.

Those travelers who for some reason do not like trains, can always count on airplanes: airports now exist in almost all large Russian cities, and here and there, for example, in Rostov-on-Don, are designed specifically for the Championship .

Know the Football Stadiums in Russia

  • The Stadium “Otkrytie Arena” (Moscow)

“Otkrytie Arena” is a new stadium in Moscow with a capacity of 44,000 people. This is the home of the most popular and titled football club in Russia which was founded in 1922. The stadium area is 36,000 square meters. It hosts festivals and fairs, sports competitions and important celebrations.

Regardless of the passes in the game, tourists and football fans at any time can go and visit the multimedia room of “Spartacus” fame. A spectacular tour of the stadium will be remembered forever. Visitors can take a photo in the background of the monuments and the legendary brothers Starostin of the national soccer player Fedor Cherenkov, look in the VIP box. You can visit the Multimedia Hall of fame, the pride of the football club, where you can discover the history of the best team in the country, its coaches, the players, see exhibitions a kind of museum, feel the spirit of “Spartacus” with the help of excerpts from matches, and memorable ones.

There are three restaurants located in the stadium, these offer an unforgettable view of the soccer field, a sports bar, where you can watch the broadcasts, and an open room for children. The second name of the stadium is “The opening of the arena.” The site is waiting for the players and followers of the World Cup in 2018.

  • The Saint Petersburg Arena

The stadium was erected on the site of the “Arena of Zenith”, but the matches of the Confederations Cup and the world of FIFA 2018 renamed it the “Arena of St. Petersburg”.

The resolution on the project for the construction of a new football stadium dates back to 2004, the stadium was placed in 2007. The extensible roof has also been successfully completed: the fact is that the stadium is the only sports facility in the country with a retractable roof and a rolling field. Thanks to this technological solution, the field can be closed during bad weather, and on sunny days and during matches: FIFA regulations stipulate that matches must be held outdoors. The extractable field will allow the holding of concerts, exhibitions, competitions in other sports in the stadium: you can move out of the stadium during the duration of these events. The author of the project “Arena of St. Petersburg” is the Japanese architect Kisyo Kurokawa.

The total area of ​​the arena is 287,600 square meters, on the platform during football matches will be 68,000 people: 22,000 at the lower level and 46,000 at the top. The whole area of ​​the stadium will have Wi-Fi. For the comfort of the fans, it is even planned to build a subway station Novokrestovskaya near the stadium.

  • Kazan Arena Stadium

The stadium “Kazan Arena” was built in 2013 and became the main platform for the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Summer Universiade in Kazan. The current stadium of the soccer club “Ruby” was erected in a three-year record, and shaped resembling a water lily. The new object perfectly complemented the urban landscape of Kazan sports.

About the main football contests of Kazan in 2017 and 2018, you can say a lot. But it is worth noting that they do not reach the stadium with a capacity of 45,000 spectators and an area of ​​9000 square meters has already taken events as significant as the 2013 Universiade, the FINA World Swimming Cup and the UEFA Europa League match. , in which Kazan “Rubin” played with the British “Liverpool”.

The football stadium has the fourth highest category: it received 5 stars from the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA). In addition to watching the matches, here you can book an excursion with a visit to the VIP stalls, the changing rooms for the athletes, the internal infrastructure and the access to the field of one of the largest stadiums in Russia.

  • Stadium “Fisht” in Sochi

The stadium was named after the peak of the mountain of the same name in the western part of the Caucasus Mountains (in the translation of the Adyghe language, the word “fish” means “white head”).

The proximity of the construction site of the stadium to the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains determined to a large extent the choice of the architectural concept. The idea of ​​contrasting the mountains and the sea became the main source of inspiration for the architects.
The architectural composition of the Central Stadium has no analogues. Originally the stadium was supposed to look like an Easter egg. However, the project was approved, according to the plan that the sand so it became simultaneously a shell and a snow peak.

The six-story structure from above resembles a giant half-open carapace. When viewed from the side, the use of a light translucent polycarbonate roof makes it possible to achieve the visual similarity effect of this most important Olympic facility with a snowy peak.
The stadium “Fisht”, which hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games, is now rebuilt on a football field in accordance with FIFA requirements. In 2018 the games of the group stage of the World Cup are planned, and in 2017 the matches of the Confederations Cup, an important international soccer tournament, will be held.

The total area of ​​the stadium is 151,400 square meters. The size of a football field with natural grass is 115 meters by 78 meters or 8,970 square meters. The size of the asphalt concrete base with a sports deck around the field is 2,970 square meters. Therefore, the total area of ​​the game arena is almost 12,000 square meters.
At the same time, the stadium “Fisht” can accommodate 45 thousand spectators.

Cities in Russia

Then we will talk a little about some sites of interest, since there are too many so I would extend a lot, however, I will show you some places that you could visit during your stay in the cities where the 2018 FIFA Championship will take place and you can at the same time know part of our great nation and the places that await you.


Kul Sharif Mosque
Exquisite white and blue temple, the main mosque of Kazan and all Tatarstan. He is in the Kremlin and looks exactly towards Mecca.
Cathedral of the Epiphany
In this Orthodox church the future golden voice of Russia was baptized: Fedya Chaliapin. The bell tower of the cathedral is one of the symbols of Kazan.

Temple of the Savior image
The current church, built on the common grave of Russian soldiers who died in the capture of Kazan in 1552.


The Kazan Riviera
Huge entertainment complex with water attractions, beach, hotel, gym, restaurants, cinema and even ice rink throughout the year.
The Kazan circus
One of the best arenas not only in Russia, but throughout the CIS. The new building exists since 1967. Programs constantly updated.

Korston Trade and Hotel Complex
A modern recreational and entertainment center of impressive size with bars, nightclubs, shops and a cinema.

Restaurants and cafeterías

The Kazan Riviera
Huge entertainment complex with water attractions, beach, hotel, gym, restaurants, cinema and even ice rink throughout the year.

Shopping center “Koltsovo”
A large shopping complex in the heart of Kazan in one of its historically significant squares. 23 thousand square meters with more than 120 brands.

Restaurant and entreteinment complex “Tugan Avilym”
A fabulous wooden city with bridges over streams, flower beds, carved benches and inside, a sea of ​​entertainment.

  • What to see in Moscow


Museum-Reserve Tsaritsyno
One of the most beautiful places in Moscow is a mansion with ancient architecture, chamber concerts and singing fountains.

Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye
One of the oldest living places in the territory of Moscow and the summer residence of the Moscow authorities since the 14th century.

The Mansión of Kuskovo
The house of the family of Count Sheremetev. A large park, a palace, caves and hedges.


Sharks, piranhas, seals, manatees, dolphins, orcas and stingrays in one of the most interesting places in Moscow: a giant aquarium in VDNKh.

The great Ferris Wheel
The height of the wheel is 73 meters (one of the highest in Eastern Europe), the rotation speed is seven minutes. The attraction in the VVC is open all year, the price of the ticket is 250 rubles.

 Nikulin’s circus on  Tsvetnoy Boulevard
For fifteen years this circus was directed by Yury Vladimirovich Nikulin, now the son of the artist Maxim Yurievich is in charge.

Restaurants and  cafeterías

Restaurant Sixsty
The restaurant sixty on the 62nd floor of the Federation of the Tower in the city of Moscow considers itself “the tallest restaurant in Europe”, and this (a great rarity for the advertising slogan) is not an exaggeration.

Restaurant Sky Lounge
“Sky Lounge” is one of the veterans in the company of the metropolitan panoramic restaurants. It is located on the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Restaurant Buono
The restaurant with a circular panorama, is located on floors 29 and 30 of the restored Stalin skyscraper, the former hotel “Ukraine” (now – Radisson Royal). From here one of the most beautiful views of Moscow opens.

What to see in St. Petersburg


The museum reserve, which becomes the best place to walk in the warm season. It consists of the Grand Peterhof Palace, the Upper and Lower Parks.

The Vasilievsky island
Affectionately called “Vaska” is a favorite of the townspeople. A special place where the humid sea air is imbued with the spirit of imperial grandeur. It was here in 1825 when there was an uprising of the Decembrists, and here it is necessary to go to see the famous “Bronze Horseman”, which was in fact made of bronze.

The  Senate Square
It was here in 1825 when there was an uprising of the Decembrists, and here it is necessary to go to see the famous “Bronze Horseman”, which was in fact cast in bronze.

Museum of Soviet slot machines, Saint Petersburg
The interactive museum has a collection of slots, produced in the USSR since the mid-seventies.

Country labyrinth
A new attraction in the heart of St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospekt, which is a labyrinth of long mirrors with intricate corridors.

The Oceanarium
The giant Oceanarium of St. Petersburg consists of 41 aquariums. You seem to be walking along the seabed, and flocks of colorful tropical fish, predatory sharks and moray eels are swimming overhead.

Restaurants and cafeterías

“Repúblic of cats”
The club cafe is entertaining and showcasing, where you can eat and read books.

Living room and  restaurant “Teplo”
Family restaurant with a warm atmosphere.

What to see in  Sochi


Observatión tower on Mount Akhun
On Saturdays, in the observation tower of Mount Akhun, you simply can not pass. Traditionally, newlyweds come here for a photo shoot.

The dacha of Josef Stalin
From here you can see a magnificent view of the snowy peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

Monument to the Golden Fleece
A monument dedicated to the myths about the Argonauts and the ancient Colchis.


Complex “AquaLoo”
An aquaplex of work throughout the year with water attractions, restaurants, clubs, a gym and a sanatorium.

Water park “Mayak”
The kingdom of water attractions in the heart of Sochi on the Black Sea coast next to the concert hall “Festivalny”.

“Amphibious” water park
A large colorful city of water entertainment in the heart of Adler. Nearby: a great oceanarium.

Restaurants and cafeterías

Restaurant Sakhalin
One of the best gastronomic places in Krasnaya Polyana

Restaurant Nautilus
One of the best restaurants in Sochi, where you can try local cuisine.

Complex “AquaLoo”
An aquaplex of work throughout the year with water attractions, restaurants, clubs, a gym and a sanatorium.

What to see in Volgograd


Mamáyev Kurgán
The main symbol of the victory of Stalingrad was the “height 102”: the Mamayev Kurgan, during the battle, passed repeatedly from the Soviet troops to the Germans and back. It is not surprising that it was decided to build a memorial complex in memory of the soldiers killed on this hill.

Area of those who were at the height of death
Here is the famous sculpture of the Russian warrior-hero, who rose to defend the country. The image of Marshal Vasily Chuikov is embodied in the monument.

Military Hall of Fame
On the walls of the room, there are 34 banners of mourning with mosaics, which include 7200 names and surnames of soldiers killed in defense of Stalingrad.


Entretainment center “Hippopo”
The most important thing here is bowling. On the tracks of the entertainment center, the balls are thrown regularly as amateurs and professionals.
Entertainment Center “Diamant-Land”
Popular among the people of Volgograd, where you can play bowling, go to the movies, watch the game broadcast at the sports bar and also jump on the trampoline.

Supermodern Volgograd club with LED screen, its own DJs, European and Japanese cuisine, and almost always free entrance for girls.

Restaurants and cafeterías

Restaurant “URSS”
Walls on Soviet posters, waiters with red ties and menus with names like “union generosity” are all in a restaurant that invites us to return 40 years ago.

Entertainment center “Hippopo”
The most important thing here is bowling. On the tracks of the entertainment center, the balls are thrown regularly as amateurs and professionals.

What to see in Kaliningrad


The Catedral
The cathedral rebuilt at the end of the 20th century on the island of Kant.

Island of Cantha
There was a time when on this island there was a whole city that fought with its neighbors for the right to own the territory.


Kaliningrad Zoo
The zoo is an opportunity to meet in the Mesozoic era and walk under the shade of the ginkgo relic tree that grows in the entrance.

The Curonian Grill
From above, you can clearly see how Kosa shares the restless turquoise of the sea and the still gray water of the enclosed bay.

Restaurants and cafeterias

Restaurant “Reduit”
Beer restaurant “Reduit”, the best place to rest after a walk in the Lithuanian well. Also, they prepare their own beer here.

What to see in  Ekaterimburg


In the dam of the city pond (or simply Plotinka), all the most interesting things happen in the life of citizens: from the first dates to the wedding photo shoots.

The largest temple in Yekaterinburg is in a notorious place, where a little less than a century ago the royal family was shot.

Weiner Street
Yekaterinburg Arbat is a completely pedestrian street with shopping centers, bookstores, coffee shops and fun cast iron sculptures.


Shopping  and entertainment center “Antey”
Here you can play bowling and billiards, go to a couple of clubs and, at the same time, visit the best observation platform in Yekaterinburg.

Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Culture
One of the most beloved places for the rest of the people of the town is a gigantic park with attractions, fountains and trails that lead to the pine forest.

Wonderland Park Galileo
Interactive two-story museum with a lot of different mechanisms and devices that you can touch with your hands.

Restaurants and cafeterías

Shopping and enterteinment complex “Antey”
Here you can play bowling and billiards, go to a couple of clubs and, at the same time, visit the best observation platform in Yekaterinburg.

Rosie Jane Pub
The regulars of this Pub, located in front of the building “Glavpochtampta”, are employees of office, main students and representatives of the creative intelligentsia.

What to see in Nizhny Novgorod


The Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod
In the red brick fortress of 13 towers where 12 were preserved. Once inside, the whole territory of Nizhny Novgorod was located. Then, the perimeter people were evicted and only the authorities remained, and to this day.

Minin and Pozharsky Square
The main square of Nizhny Novgorod before the revolution bore the name of the Annunciation; here was the temple of the same name.

Center for Contemporary Art in the 19th century building.


Children’s railway
The children’s railway operates only in the summer months, from June 1 to August 31.

The planetarium complex includes the Open Astronomical Observatory.

Exhibition of exotic animals, one of the popular attractions of the city.

Restaurants and cafeterías

Rock Bar
A place where you can always listen to Nizhny Novgorod rock and dance.

Bistró Francés “Gavroche”
Corner of France on Christmas street.

Literary café “Bezukhov”
There are periodic meetings with creative people, presentations, concerts, parties. There are always novelties of books, glossy magazines and food.

What to see in Rostov-on-Don


Rest Zone “Cosaco Don”
The tourist complex of the island between the river Don and its old channel with beach, stables, children’s park, viewpoints and a restaurant.

The Milithary Cathedral of the Ascensión
The Regional Museum of Fine Arts of Rostov


“Touch the zoo”
A wonderful tactile zoo, where all pets can be touched in the literal sense of the word.

What to see in Samara


Kuibyshev Square
The main square of Samara and the largest square in Europe, on the corners of which there are four public gardens.

The embankment of the Volga
The 5-kilometer walk is a popular place to walk and rest.

Cathólic temple
It was built in neo-Gothic style in 1906 on the donations of the Polish community.
Samara Architecture Temples and cult buildings


Samara Zoo
Hundreds of inhabitants: tigers, deer, raccoons, wolves, crocodiles, pheasants, herons, pythons and many others.

Waterpark “Victoria”
30 water attractions, slides for children, caves and waterfalls, jacuzzi, wave pool and a couple of bars.

Restaurants and cafeterías

 Zhigulevsky brewery
One of the oldest breweries in Russia, founded in 1881 by the Austrian Alfred von Wakano.

Cafetería “Coffee Beans”
An institution where you can try more than 50 varieties of different coffees.

Restaurant and bar Hookah “Marrackech”
Restaurant and lounge bar with Moroccan style elements inside and oriental and European dishes on the menu.

The old apartment restaurant
Restaurant-museum with Soviet interiors and traditional Samara cuisine.

What to see in Saranks


Commemorative museum of the military and labor feat 1941 – 1945
The museum is open for the 50th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The museum building has a national flavor.

Monument to heroes “Stratonavtam”
The monument was inaugurated in 1963. On the pedestal there are portraits-bas-reliefs of the conquerors of the stratosphere Pavel Fedoseenko, Andrei Vasenko and Ilya.


City Zoo
The zoo is located in the territory of the Culture and Rest Park. ACE. Pushkin The zoo contains around 400 species of birds and animals.

Cinema Russia
The cinema opened in 2016 on the site of the former cinema “Russia” within the Year of Russian cinema.

Biathlon Ski Resort
The complex is located in the forested area of ​​the southwest of the city of Saransk. For lovers of outdoor activities, there are sports and walking trails, as well as ski slopes.