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Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia

In this article we will let you know what is the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia. How to obtain the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia and in turn who can make the invitation letter.

In this article we would like to give you the most complete information about the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia.

Unfortunately, many websites (mostly) will not find much information on this subject, but we would like to offer you relevant information that you should also consider about this requirement that is an essential part of a trip or visit to Russia.

The invitation letter and how to obtain the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia

What is the Tourist Invitation Letter to Russia?

According to https://guiarus.com/visados-en-rusia/carta-de-invitacion,”Is the visa support document that is necessary to process the visa”, how to obtain it ?, for this, there are different methods, since it will depend on the type of invitation you want or want to choose. For example, if you want to make a tour of tourism or a visit for business, you can process it online in 5 minutes, which unlike a private or work type would take 1 to 2 months of processing.

Annex N ° 1: model of an invitation letter

Who can make the invitation letter

  1. People of legal age (who live within the Russian Federation.
  2. Foreign persons of legal age with permanent residence in Russia.
  3. Legal persons located within the Russian territory.
  4. Travel companies in the Unified Registry of Russian Tour Operators.

These invitations differ according to the purpose of the trip. In the next section I will talk more than anything about the tourist invitation letter, which is the one that best suits our type of services, so I can help you to clear up some doubts:

Tourist invitation letter

In this case, the agency in charge of processing it, is a tourist agency that has accreditation in the Russian Tourism Agency, so, it must be registered as a tourist organization with the right to give an invitation to foreign citizens.

It can be said that essentially it is a contract to offer its travel services, which, only the company will be responsible for issuing said letter to the foreign citizen.

This invitation contains a tourist váucher (as if it were proof of a purchase) and the client’s signature (tourist), which must contain the following:

  • Agency data.
  • Passport data of the person (tourist).
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Period of validity.
  • Travel route.
  • Hotel management (lodging)
  • The signature of the president of the company with its respective stamp.

Annex No. 2: example of a tourist invitation letter


The biggest advantage is that it is processed easily and quickly, since the entire process is carried out by the company that will provide its travel services and it will not be necessary to go to government agencies.

It is important, when you need to apply for a Russian visa, you must have at hand, in addition to the invitation letter, the hotel reservation confirmation with your respective address, and dates of stay (indicated in the Boucher), which must not exceed the 30 days of stay.

In fact, if you want to obtain the same, it is necessary to fill out the form for the application, pay later processing and thus get or acquire the invitation by email, this process can take no more than 1 day.

Tourist invitation letter where to process

The invitation letter can be processed through the travel agency in Russia GuiaRus. You just have to refill out the invitation letter form and the administrators of GuiaRus will contact you in less than 12 hours.

Types of invitation letters

For purposes of this article, I have relied on the tourist invitation letter, however, I will give short summaries about other types of invitations if it is useful for you:

  • Business invitation letter

If you go on a trip with a labor objective, it is necessary to find a company that is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which must have authorization to give the invitation to citizens of foreign nations. There are 3 ways to acquire it: in a printed document from the Federal Migration Service (FMS), as a letter (from the company) or by Telex. This type of request can only be made by Russian or foreign companies or companies with Russian delegation. Depending on the number of entries to be made, this will influence the processing time, some vary from 2 to 3 weeks. On the other hand, if you prefer to request the same media Telex, it will be responsible for sending an order to launch the visa to the Russian consulate. The time itself will depend on the entries, this includes 1 to 2 weeks of processing for this request.

  • Private invitation letteron this occasion, if a foreign citizen wishes to go by private invitation, this can be processed according to the indicated in “a, b and c” (persons authorized to process a letter of invitation to Russia) of this article, who should contact with the FMS, where you must deliver the required documents indicating the date of application and issuance so that the foreigner can freely enter Russia.
  • Work invitation letter

you must have presents for this type of invitation, the entity employer, you must have or possess a special permit to make contracts with people abroad, therefore, the worker may not to start with the processing of the same to which the company is not granted such permission. As well as in other cases, the company must contact FMS and request the invitation (up to 3 months maximum duration). In case of extension of contract, the employer must give the documents that may be required but this should not be more than 1 year.

  • Study invitation letter

to process the same, the responsible educational institution, must perform an examination or interview to approve the process, so it will be responsible for carrying out all the respective procedures, however, before executing this process the institution in charge must perform the paperwork, is in the duty to deliver the documents of the applicant to the FMS. Therefore, the student must first go through the approval process, so the first trip must be made with an invitation either tourist or private. This invitation is issued at 3 months, so the student must go to Russia where the educational institution will support the extension of the visa extending the same pair throughout the academic year.

We must clarify that the printed document of the FMS, is very common to request when you want to obtain some type of visa, this includes the respective data (unique invitation number) which will be granted once a review (for fines or infractions) the person who requests the same.

To finish I can only tell you that processing the invitation letter is not difficult at all, you just have to follow the steps accordingly and inform them you can contact the Russian consulate, you should also take into account that there are positive and negative factors depending on the invitation, either for processing facilities or the time of stay granted.

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