Tourist season in Russia

Tourist season in Russia

Many people, when they are planning to travel to Russia, are always asking themselves: what is the best season of the year to go on vacation? In our opinion, it depends a lot on the climate factor of each region. For example, each person is able to decide whether to go in cold season of the year (winter) or in a hotter one (summer). That’s why tourist season in Russia is something individal. As when we are speaking about Russia we are always describing it as a cold country in general. In fact in this gigantic place there are certain divergences and characteristics that in other countries can not normally be seen. So in this article we will let you know a little about them .

In the Russian Federation, there are hundreds of tourist places of attraction to visit. It is a country that in fact, is worth visiting and knowing, but sometimes you wonder: when to travel? Where? This and much more things we will tell you especially in majestic places like Moscow and St. Petersburg. Let’s talk about the tourist season in Russia, in particular about the seasons of the year in Russia.

Seasons of the year in Russia

Spring in Russia

It is the season of the year when nature is reborn from ashes after a long sleep. The average temperature is 7,5 ° C. We recommend you to visit Moscow during this time of the year. During this tourist season of the year, you can preferably wear light clothes, that is, sweaters or coats that are not so heavy. You should also consider packing waterproof boots (neoprene) and umbrellas due to the rainfall that occurs a lot during this season.

Summer in Russia

If you like to have your vacations in tourist seasons with considerably fresh and pleasant temperatures, between the months of May to August it is quite warm and cool. The sun rises at 5:00 am and sets down at 10:00 pm. There are even days when you will see the sun until 1:00 am, incredible? If you decide to go to Moscow, you should keep in mind that the warmest months of the year are between July and August. If you prefer to go to St. Petersburg, it is a bit colder there, and the days are longer (the sun sets down late). An average temperature is 18 ° C during the months of July to August. However, the best time to visit this great place is at the beginning of June when the temperature is much more pleasant (fresh). During these dates, there are a lot of tourists visiting many of the places. During this time we advise you to wear short sleeve shirts or sweatshirts and light pants. But during the night it is better to have fine wool sweaters at hand, as it’s getting colder by the end of the day.


Autumn in Russia

Quite a short, but beautiful season. This is where the leaves of the trees tinge with orange and red colors giving a celestial image of what is the true nature at its maximum splendor. We invite you to enjoy the rain that gives a romantic atmosphere between the months of September to November. The temperatures vary from -5 ° C to 15 ° C, preparing for the arrival of winter. In the same way you can wear light  clothes, especially at the beginning of September. But if your stay until November you can wear clothes that will help you wrap up and cover yourself from the rain that is the sign of coming of the next season.

Winter in Russia

For those who love the cold weather, those who love to travel in those months when the year is above to end… You can go on a vacation in winter to celebrate holidays like Christmas Eve. This is where you will see a totally different landscape. There is a lot of snow in winter with such a pure air that it will dazzle your perspective, it is one of the best tourist season in Russia. The temperature goes from -10 ° C and can be lower. This is the longest season of the year, when you can go to museums, skating rinks, among other places. The best of all is that there are not so many tourists. So you will avoid queuing as opposed to summer. As you can see, the cold is immense, so you already have an idea of what you should wear, you should wear warm clothes, cover your hands, legs, head and use woolen clothes (thermal) as well as underwear for this type of climate.

As we have mentioned before, Russia is an immense country. So the temperature and climate vary a lot depending on the location you are staying at. In other places the temperatures can be higher or lower. If there are other regions or cities that you want to visit, you can make a little research according to the appropriate date of your trip.

Average temperatures in Russia

As you can see, practically the climate is divided into 2 seasons. Although there are 4, sometimes, they are considered so long, that you will only hear of these 2. The coldest months (winter) are between October to March, while the warmest months (summer) comprise from April to September.

Tips for the travel to Russia

As we have discussed tourist season in Russia, we would like to stress that it is necessary to know when to travel to Russia. Normally there are no flights that would take you directly. However, the costs per flight vary per station. If you go during the summer season, you can consider making your trip in March or August.

In our opinion, there is no recommended tourist season in Russia. Everything depends on each person, on his / her tastes and what he / she wants to enjoy. Therefore, Russia has each of the landscapes with their respective characteristics. It  make this country a world full of diversity and its own wonderful characteristics.