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Transfer Airport – Hotel in Volgograd

Transfer airport – hotel in Volgograd with waiting in the terminal at the exit with a sign with your name and no waiting limit for delays.

Transfer Hotel – Airport in Volgograd

Transfer hotel – airport in Volgograd with waiting in the lobby of your hotel, with a sign with your name.

About Volgograd

Volgograd, the city Hero, built in 1589 with another name “Tsaritsyn”, which comes from the name of the river that sits near the city. A fortress was first built to defend the southern front of the Empire. It quickly became a place of commerce and transit.

Shortly after the Cossacks captured it, in 1670 by Stenka Razin and in 1774 by Yemelian Pugachov, it was later in the 19th century when it became one of the most important ports of the Volga River.

In modern times the city houses not only historical monuments but also monuments such as the statue of the motherland and the field of the Heroes, which it is certainly advisable to visit in Volgograd. For thousands of people who want to know the history of the Second World War in Volgograd, we recommend visiting this area of Mother Land.


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