What to visit in St. Petersburg in 5 days, with Free Tour Russia  you should not worry, we have the best tour packages for you. If you want to explore Saint Petersburg in 4 days you can contact us for more information. 4-day tour in St. Petersburg. Make a full visit and get to know the whole city with us.

Group tour departure every day

The tour where you can see the most important places in the city. A complete and interesting trip for all the people who have an interest in the history of this beautiful city.

Minimum booking: 3 people

Day 1

Meeting with your driver at the airport, transfer and check-in at the hotel.

Day 2

Meeting with your guide at 9:00 am in the hotel lobby.

Walk through the historic downtown and visit the Peter and Paul Fortress.

On the first day of tour we will show you the most famous points of interest of the historical downtown of Saint Petersburg. We will walk along the Nevsky avenue, we will see the cathedrals, the most important churches, we will also walk through the territory of the Peter and Paul fortress. You will have the whole afternoon to continue discovering the city in an independent way and with no limits.

St. Petersburg downtown Tour 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

We will walk through the historic center of St. Petersburg, knowing all its legends and anecdotes. We will explain you about the history of the city and the Russian tsars, while we visit the most symbolic points of St. Petersburg.


Peter and Paul Fortress Tour 1:30pm – 3:00 pm

We will visit the Peter and Paul Fortress that is surrounded by the Neva River. We will enjoy the views that open from the bridges of the city and we will enter the territory of the Fortress, crossing the exteriors of its most symbolic buildings.


Day 3

Meeting with your guide at 12:30 pm in the hotel lobby.

Metro tour and walk along the Nevsky avenue

On the second day we will take a tour to St. Peterburg Metro and the rest of the day we will spent time walking along the Nevsky Avenue seeing the most symbolic and important sites.

St. Petersburg Metro Tour 1:30pm – 3:30 pm

During the tour of the St. Petersburg Metro we will visit the most significant and impressive stations such as: Admiralteyskaya station, Pushkinskaya station, Tekhnologichesky Institut station, among others. Their architectural style will thrill you all.



Nevsky Avenue Tour 4:30pm – 7:00 pm

The first thing that each person does once they are in St. Petersburg is to visit the main street called Nevsky Avenue. We will explain you about the most important and wonderful buildings, monuments and shops on the Avenue. You can feel the essence of St. Petersburg.


Day 4

Meeting with your guide at 9:30 am in the hotel lobby.

Tour in Peterhof

When there are no more unknown places in St. Petersburg, it is mandatory to travel a little outside the city, and see the famous and spectacular Peterhof Palace. It is not enough to have seen St. Petersburg entirely, without having been to Peterhof at least once. You will have the whole afternoon to continue exploring the city in an independent way and with no limits.

Tour in Peterhof 10.30am – 3:30 pm (Gardens only) (transport: train)

The residence of the tsars during the summer, the famous fountains and gardens, the exit to the Baltic Sea with unforgettable views, all this is the description of the Peterhof palace. We will tell you the stories about this place and we will take a pleasant walk through the Gardens of the Peterhof Park.


Day 5

Meeting with your guide at 12:30 pm in the hotel lobby.

St. Petersburg Gardens Tour and ship ride on the canals

During these excursions we will visit several parks of St. Petersburg, We will show you the discovered places and the history of the buildings that we will find on the way to the famous summer gardens. Without a doubt an interesting walk to see the city and its corners. We will have a surprise in the afternoon, the tour through the canals of St. Petersburg. One of the important visits to make in the city. Do not miss it!

St. Petersburg Gardens Tour 1:30pm – 3:30 pm

We are going to explore St. Petersburg everywhere. We will show you the hidden places and we will tell you the legends of the buildings that we will see along the way. We will see Mikhailovsky Gardens, Mikhailovsky Theater, Sadovaya Street, Mars Fields and much more. Get to know the history at first hand with us!


Ship tour through the canals 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm

The afternoon exists to rest and disconnect from the worries of the day. This is what we are going to do during the ship tour through the canals of St. Petersburg: We will see the city in a panoramic way; We will see the most outstanding places from the comfort of a ship. Make your afternoon in St. Petersburg unforgettable!


Day 6

Meeting with your driver at the Hotel and transfer to the airport.


  • 4-day Tour in Saint Petersburg
  • Transfer of entry and exit from Saint Petersburg
  • English speaking guide
  • Entrance tickets to the metro during the tour
  • 24-hour assistance during the entire trip


  • Tour Tickets
  • Transport to Peterhof gardens
  • Tickets to the boat

Minimum booking: 3 people