Boardwalk Tour in Volgograd in English.

The route of the Malecon in Volgograd is made everyday, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m, The malecon tour in Volgograd is possible only with advance booking.

On this route you will see the river and everything that is in the east of the city, monuments and buildings that are part of the memory of the city and its people.

About the boardwalk tour in Volgograd

Volgograd is a city that lives its history in each of the streets, building and corners, even the most recondite place has something to tell, so the route of the boardwalk in Volgograd will take us to relive the history of life in the second world war with the beauty of the landscapes that accompany this city bathed by the waters of the largest river in Europe, the Volga, and in any case, the name of the city.

We will pass through one of the most emblematic places in the memory of the Second World War, the Pavlova house, the building of the Soviet Union that stays standing since the attack of the Nazis to the city, all a wonder that you can not overlook, In addition to a permanent display of weapons artifacts in the battle of Stalingrad that will make you know the story more closely.

But not only that, walk along the boardwalk will make admire you the wonder of nature that Russia possesses while seeing monuments built in honor of the heroes of this country, its people, as well as to know more about their culture, perceiving the honor of the Russians

Since its foundation, the river has become an important enclave of the city.

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2 February, 2020

Great tour, I’ll do it again

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Great tour, I loved everything about the tour

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Great tour, good initiative

4 February, 2020

It was great everything on the tour

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Great tour, I loved Volgograd

6 February, 2020

Very good to know more about Volgograd

6 February, 2020

Amazing the tour in Volgograd

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