Take a tour in Ekaterinburg «Capital of the Urals» in English

See Ekaterinburg with a English-speaking guide to see everything you can. Walking through Ekaterinburg is ideal, thanks to Free Tour Russia. Taking a tour in Ekaterinburg is possible.

Ekaterinburg Downtown Tour:

Stroll through Ekaterinburg every day from 10:00am to 12:30 pm, you can get to Ekaterinburg with advance booking only.

The Ekaterinburg downtown tour “Capital of the Urals” shows an essential approach to the history of this important city in Russian history.

We will visit the heart of the city, passing through historical sites, monuments and buildings of diverse architectural currents, while we enter the daily life of the city located on the border between Asia and Europe

About Ekaterinburg Downtown Tour

On the walk through the Ekaterinburg downtown with an english speaking guide we will see the essentials:

  • Church on the Blood (shed in honor of the Romanov family)
  • Museum of history of the Romanovs
  • Writer’s Museum
  • Iset River
  • Monument to famous writers of the Urals
  • Museum of Jewelry
  • The “represita” (Плотинка)
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Annex of the Museum of History of Ekaterinburg
  • Museum of Architecture
  • Fine Art Museum
  • Visotsky
  • Velinskovo Library
  • Ekaterinburg Zoo

In this tour we will know a little about one of the most important cities in Russia, demographically, geographically and historically; Ekaterinburg is an essential city for anyone who wants to really know this beautiful country.

In the period of the Second World War Ekaterinburg became a host city for thousands of people who came from cities like Moscow to take refuge here from the war that ravaged the country, many of these people settled even after the end of the war.

This makes Ekaterinburg a city of brotherhood and fraternity where Russians from different regions of Russia come together but live in harmony, which leaves us with a landscape and a city where we can walk quietly and for tourists to make excursions in Ekaterinburg.

If you want to visit Ekaterinburg with an enliish-speaking guide, book this tour now.

Taking a tour in Ekaterinburg is great!


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Price per Person20€
Start Time: 10:00
Duration: 2h
Includes: English guide
Does not include: Tip for the guide, meals and drinks
Language English

We take excursions in groups, throughout the year, with designed schedules for your best enjoyment.

Bookings can be made on the same day of tour (depends on availability).

Children under 10 years old go free.

The minimum number of people is 2 or the payment thereof

You can cancel up to 24 hours before writing to our contact email:

Our meeting point

Our private tours leave from your hotel in Ekaterinburg,
Address: You can write us in the comments of the booking.

For this type of tour we do not have a specific meeting place, since you can choose where to go and the meeting time.

You can ask for information on how to find the place:

Phone: + 7-925-637-00-92 (WhatsApp)


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2 February, 2020

Very interesting to know this part of Yekaterinburg

2 February, 2020

The tour is great, I am fascinated by Yekaterinburg, grateful

3 February, 2020

Spectacular option to get to know Yekaterinburg

4 February, 2020

Very good the tour, recommended without a doubt

4 February, 2020

Wonderful Ekaterimburggo, very good tour

5 February, 2020

Fabulous tour in Yekaterinburg

6 February, 2020

The whole tour is great, delighted

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