Tour Historic Moscow with english guide

Historic Center Tour in Moscow can be made everyday from April to October from Monday to Sunday, from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm with advance booking. Enjoy the summer in Moscow with us. Spending the summer in Moscow is ideal for you.

On this excursion in Moscow in summer we stroll in the afternoon through the historic downtown of the Russian capital, places like the Red Square, the surroundings of the Kremlin or the beauty of the views of the patriarch’s bridge, always accompanied by one of our guides who will help you all discover all the secrets of the city.

Take a tour in Moscow (Historic Downtown)

Excursion to Moscow in summer is exclusively in english and by foot. We will visit the most important and central places of the city:

  • The Bolshoi Theather y Metropol hotel
  • Red Square, the Resurrection Gate, gallow or skull square.
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral (outside)
  • The GUM shopping center
  • Lenin’s Mausoleum (exterior)
  • The Kilometer zero of the Kremlin
  • The gardens of Alexander, the Napoleonic War Museum (outside), the tomb of the unknown soldier
  • The Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer and the patriarch’s bridge
  • We will also visit other places such as the old Moscow hotel, the obelisk of the Romanovs, the mausoleum of Lenin or the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer among many other things.With this tour in Moscow in summer in addition to the beauty of the buildings and the Moscow evening, you will know the history of the city from its foundation to our days and how it became important over the centuries to become the capital of an entire empire and the importance of the Kremlin from where the first principies and Tsars extended their domains to the east and west of the city.In this tour historical downtown in Moscow we walk through the heart of the Russian capital. Enjoy the summer in Moscow with our excursion in Moscow in summer. Book the tour now.Taking a tour in Moscow is very easy thanks to our excursion services in english. Spending the summer in Moscow is great with Free Tour Russia.


Enjoy the best excursions in Russia
by the hand of expert guides

Price per Person15€
Start Time: 16:30
Duration: 2.5 hours
Includes: English guide
Does not include: Tip for the guide
Language English

We take excursions in groups, throughout the year, with designed schedules for your best enjoyment.

Bookings can be made on the same day of tour (depends on availability).

Children under 12 years old go free.

The minimum number of people is 2 or the payment thereof

You can cancel up to 24 hours before writing to our contact email:

Our meeting point

All our tours depart from the same place in Moscow, which are the sources of the Bolshoi Theater.

Address: Teatralnaya ploshad 1, Moscow, Russia

You can ask for information on how to find the place:

Phone: + 7-968-533-54-94 (whasApp)

Here we can find the place the Google Maps:


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3 February, 2020

It was great as everything happened, the tour and the organization impeccable

4 February, 2020

Very pleased with everything on the tour

4 February, 2020

Very good, I loved everything

4 February, 2020

Great tour, very exciting

4 February, 2020

Great tour, very exciting

4 February, 2020

Very entertaining tour full of history

4 February, 2020

It was great, all professionals and responsible

4 February, 2020

Tour full of history and elegance

4 February, 2020

The tour was fantastic and I really liked it

6 February, 2020

Very good tour full of history

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