Hourly tour in Volgograd in English

Hourly tour in Volgograd:

The private tour Volgograd is perfomed everyday. Unique tour in Volgograd is possible with advance booking only.

The city of Volgograd is open for you; if you do not want to make an already established route, then look for a private tour in Volgograd.

This is your tour since we have an english speaking guide only for you; that accompanies you throughout the city and it is you who chooses the places to visit.

About the hourly tour in Volgograd

The hourly tour in Volgograd will take you to the past; to remember the history of one of the most emblematic and important cities that Mother Russia has, a city in which the greatest battle of the Second World War was fought and which changed the course of history forever; called in the Soviet era as Stalingrad in honor of the former Soviet leader Stalin and in the Zarina era as Tsaritsyn.

During this time we will visit the places that are your preference and that you have previously chosen or indicated to the guide. The hourly tours in Volgograd are private tours just for you and your group. We will never join anyone with your group and your guide will be always looking out for you.

The most economical and convenient way to visit Volgograd with an english speaking guide that will provide you the best experience of your life that you will always remember.

If you do not like to go on groups, and prefer a private service; the personalized tours in Volgograd that we offer, are without a doubt the best option for you.

This tour is for people who want a quiet time; a specific visit and especially not being with a group in his days of visit to Volgograd.

Personalize your visit to Volgograd and tell us what places you want to visit and we will make the most optimal route; or simply let yourself be carried away by the advice and recommendations of our guide who accompanies you and will make your visit something special just for you. We will do everything possible to make your trip to volgograd an unforgettable experience

The cost per hour is depending on the group of people and with a minimum of 4 hours reserved.

1 to 3 people = € 25 / hour

4 to 6 people = € 35 / hour

7 to 9 people = € 45 / hour

10 to 30 people = € 50 / hour

The tour in Volgograd is a private tour with an english-speaking guide where you are the only protagonist. Book your unique Volgograd Tour now.

Enjoy the best excursions in Russia
by the hand of expert guides

Price per PersonFrom 25€
Start Time: Flexible
Duration: Minimum 4h
Includes: English guide
Does not include: Tip for the guide, meals and drinks
Language English

We take excursions in groups, throughout the year, with designed schedules for your best enjoyment.

Bookings can be made on the same day of tour (depends on availability).

Children under 10 years old go free.

The minimum number of people is 2 or the payment thereof

You can cancel up to 24 hours before writing to our contact email:


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3 February, 2020

I loved Volgograd, thank you very much for the enriching experience.

4 February, 2020

It is excellent to meet Volgograd

4 February, 2020

I definitely loved everything on the tour, recommended

6 February, 2020

Delighted with these tour, sincerely magnificent

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