Night tour in Volgograd in English

Night tour in Volgograd: What to see in Volgograd at night with the english-speaking guide, here we will tell you. Walking at night in Volgograd is possible everyday from 10pm to midnight, with advance booking. Enjoy the night in Volgograd with us!

In this nocturnal route we will see the lights and the imposing monuments of the city of Volgograd, formerly called Stalingrad.

This city was one of the hero cities that resisted the assault of the German army during World War II, especially here one of the most bloody battles of this war was developed.

What to see in Volgograd at night

On the night tour of the memorial complex of the motherland you can see how the most important monument in the city is filled with a mystical atmosphere

Covered by lights that reflect the sculptural works carved in honor of the combatants who fought the most important and decisive battle that the Soviet Union had against the Nazis in the Second World War.

You will be filled with amazement as you walk through each one of them and you will end up amazed by the greatness of the statue of the motherland that has a height of 85 meters that represents the call of the Soviet people to fight and get rid of their oppressors.

In this field the battle of Stalingrad was carried out, one of the decisive stages during the Second World War, which thanks to the resistance of the Soviet army managed to expel one of the most powerful armies in all history, the German army.

Better armed and equipped, the German army advanced without stopping to reach this city, and the Soviet army defended the city that bore the name of its supreme leader until victory.

After the great battle only 10% of the city remained standing, although it was rebuilt from its ashes. This and much more we will be commented during the night tour, which wicks history and beauty.

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3 February, 2020

Very good night tour in Volgograd

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I love night tours, give another perspective

4 February, 2020

Fabulous night tour, ideal to learn more about Volgograd nightlife

5 February, 2020

Great tour, I loved Volgograd at night

6 February, 2020

Very uninteresting all along the way

6 February, 2020

Very cool night tour to learn more about night life in Volgograd

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