Take a tour in Samara: World War II tour in english

Take a tour in Samara, a place full of history and beauty. Exploring Samara is ideal for you. Visiting places of interest in Samara with Free Tour Russia is possible.

The Second World War Tour in Samara (SWW) «Wings of Victory»:

You can explore Great Samara Patriotic War everyday from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The walk through SWW places in Samara is possible with advance booking only.

We will learn about the history of the second capital reserve of Russia in the years of the Second World War, the historical role of the city as the industrial giant of the USSR and the largest center of the aerospace industry of the Russian Federation. In addition we will walk along the admirable jetty (rambla) of the Volga and we will see the famous Zhigulevskoe brewery, come to the Second World War Tour in Samara.

Explore Samara: about the tour

The tour through the historical part of Samara with an english speaking guide. We will show you the best of its recent history, the courage of the people who grew up and made Samara this beautiful city.

  • Kúibyshev Square, the largest square in Europe, architectural ensemble of Glory Square:
  • Great monument of glory dedicated to the feat of the aeroconstructors
  • Administration building,
  • Memorial with eternal fire,
  • Temple of St. George,
  • Monument to the protective Orthodox saints of love,
  • The wall “The honor of Samara”,
  • Viewpoint with a spectacular panorama
  • Monument to the founder of the city
  • Ladiá monument,
  • Samara Symbol
  • Boardwalk (rambla)
  • Thermoelectric power station with a particular monument
  • Zhigulióvskoe brewery (tasting of beer in the factory bar not included) ..

Going through the history of Samara knowing that what you are seeing, without a doubt is something that will make you enjoy the city and know better the Second World War tour in Samara, you will be also impressed by the achievements of the people for this city in this terrible time of Russian history.

If you want to explore Samara Great Patriotic War, book the tour for SWW places in Samara.

Visit places of interest in Samara and much more thanks to our quality excursion services.


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Price per Person20€
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