Excursion through gardens and fountains of Peterhof with english guide

Excursion to the gardens and fountains of Peterhof by advance booking from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Peterhof, is one of the most visited places in St. Petersburg by tourists. No garden compares with the luxury, beauty and originality of this enclosure. It is called the Russian Versailles. But many people come to say that the luxury is even greater than that of the famous French castle. Located thirty kilometers from St. Petersburg, already at the mouth of the Neva River, with the Gulf of Finland. It turns it into a privileged location, where you can appreciate the meeting of the two waters. The gardens were built in the time of Peter I, to amaze friends and visitors. These fountains are a work of engineering, which is appreciated until this time. It is impressive to know how it could be done so that naturally the game of jets and waters will amaze the audience until today. The best time to visit the Russian Versailles is during the summer.

About the tour in Peterhof

The tour begins with a boat trip from St. Petersburg on the Neva River, which will take us to the meeting with the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea. This walk itself is already a fascinating journey in which you will greatly enjoy the views of the city from the main river that runs through it.

Then we will enter the gardens of Peterhof, we will see the luxury that accompanies this landscape architecture. Where Peter I, from the hands of different architects and engineers, created totally dazzling fountains, gold and large sculptures, go hand in hand, masterful engineering works.

In this Excursion through gardens and fountains of Peterhof, each place has a reason why it was created, these are loaded with history and fascination in every corner of the site. In addition to the fountains you can see the palaces, places that were used to surprise guests or give banquets.

The tour in Peterhof around the quietness and with a lot of history to tell, in the areas during the summer there will always be kiosks for food or drink. In addition to countless souvenirs.

The Excursion through gardens and fountains of Peterhof will always be a moment that will remain anchored in your memory. Few things astonish like these beautiful gardens. It is impossible to go to St. Petersburg without visiting the Russian Versailles.

The cost of the boat and the tickets is not included.

Visit the Russian Versailles

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Great tour, really wonderful

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Fabulous as everything went on the tour, I liked the tour

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Great tour in all aspects, very good in broad strokes

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Great in general everything on the tour, the super professional staff

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The tour of the gardens was wonderful

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