Tour in the Moscow Kremlin: Territory and Cathedrals

To make a tour in the Moscow Kremlin, you can request our excellent excursion services. Visit the Moscow Kremlin, one of the most emblematic places of the capital. Excursion in the Moscow Kremlin with Free Tours Russia is ideal for you.

Tour in Kremlin Territory and Cathedrals. The tour in Moscow Kremlin. Hours: 1:30 pm. Duration 2 hours. Availability all year, always with advance booking.

Price: 20 euros per person (additional fee for entry must be paid)

The territory of the Moscow Kremlin is a place of great historical and cultural value, where the architectural monuments of the 14th to the 20th centuries can be found. The cathedrals, churches and administrative buildings of the Kremlin form the whole of the streets Cathedral, Ivanovskaya, Senatskaya, Dvortsovaya and Troitskaya Squares and Spasskaya, Borovitskaya and Dvortsovaya of the Kremlin.

The center of the Moscow Kremlin is occupied by the main and oldest square of the city, the Cathedral Square, which still retains its original form, a unique complex of masterpieces of medieval architecture. Having been founded in the early fourteenth century, the Cathedral Square saw the construction, destruction and reconstruction of churches and chambers, witnessed all the disturbances in the history of the Russian state. Today, the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral Square consists of the Cathedrals of the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation, the Church of the Holy Toga of Our Lady, the Palace of the Patriarch, the Faceted Chamber, the Golden Chamber of Tsarina, the churches of the Terem Palace and the Ivan the Great Bell-Tower Complex.

Visit the Moscow Kremlin

In this tour you will walk inside the Kremlin enclosure where we will see these significant places:

Entrance to the Kremlin and visit to its historic buildings:


  • The Arsenal eighteenth century
  • State Palace of the Kremlin “since 1992 the Palace of Congresses”.
  • The Senate of Russia eighteenth century.
  • Square of the Cathedrals.
  • Palace of the Facets 15th century.
  • The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael of the XV century.
  • Cathedral of Assumption of the XIV century.
  • The Cathedral of the Annunciation of the XIV century.
  • The Bell Tower of “The great Ivan” XVI century.
  • The Canyon of the Tsar XVI century.
  • The largest bell in the world “Campana Zarina” XVIII century.


Tour in the Moscow Kremlin

Tour in Kremlin Territory and Cathedral: explore it without queing in our excursion in Kremlin and cathedrals. Book now to visit the Kremlin with expert guides.

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Price per Person:20€
Start time: 1:30 pm
Duration: 2h.
Includes: English guide
Does not include: Tip for the guide
Tickets (500 rubles)
Language English

We take group excursions, throughout the year, with schedules designed for your full enjoyment.

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Children under 12 years old go free.

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31 January, 2020

excellent tour very informative and entertaining I had a great time

1 February, 2020

Entertaining the tour, I loved everything.

2 February, 2020

Great everything, the imposing Kremlim, wanted to meet you. Very good tour

2 February, 2020

Spectacular Kremlin, I liked everything a lot

4 February, 2020

Very good tour in every way

4 February, 2020

Fascinating tour in Moscow

4 February, 2020

Very fun tour and full educational

4 February, 2020

Great view of the Kremlin and its surroundings, very good tour

5 February, 2020

Beautiful and impotent Kremlin, very good tour

6 February, 2020

Fabulous the Kremlim, delighted

6 February, 2020

I loved the Kremlin very much, great and impressive

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