Tour to Sviyazhsk island in Kazan by boat in English

Sviyazhsk Island Tour in Kazan by boat: An unforgettable trip that you will love, come and explore the Volga River to Sviyazhsk Island.
Everyday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Duration 7.5 hours. Excursion to Sviyazhsk in Kazan by foot and by boat. Cost from € 45 per person (with advance booking). Visiting Sviyazhsk Island in Kazan is great.

This route takes us away from the Kazan downtown to see one of the attractions of the region, the famous Sviyazhsk Island. Founded in 1551 as a fortress in 1552 became the main defense of the area, a fortress built only in 4 weeks where they can defend themselves from the invading armies.

About the excursion to Sviyazhsk in Kazan by boat

Guided tour with english guide to Sviyazhsk Island. The excursion to Sviyazhsk is taken by foot and by boat on the Volga river. we walk by:

  • Boat trip on the Volga River
  • The street to the Ivanovsky Convent
  • The street of Holy Monastery of the Dormition
  • The Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Ivanovsky Convent
  • The Church of the Trinity in the monastery of Saint John Baptist
  • The Cathedral of our Lady of Saint John Baptist of the monastery
  • The Monastery of the Dormition and the Holy temples
  • The Bell Tower Door in the Holy Monastery of the Dormition
  • The Cathedral of the Assumption in the monastery of Saint Dormition
  • Return to Kazan by boat

From here they defended areas such as Novgorod, Pskov, and even Moscow. In 1719 the city became the center of the province of Sviyazhsk Kazan. In 1918, it was an important part of the Russian Revolution, having soldiers stationed here to repress the city of Kazan, to try to stop the Bolshevik revolution that was being formed here.

Prices according to group:

Group of 3 people € 60 per person
Group of 4 people € 55 per person
Group of 5 people € 50 per person
Group of 6+ people € 45 per person
(Minimum group 3 people or payment thereof)

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Price per Person60€
Start Time: 8:00
Duration: 7h. 30min.
Includes: English guide, Boat ticket
Does not include: Tip for the guide, meals and drinks
Language English

We take excursions in groups, throughout the year, with designed schedules for your best enjoyment.

Bookings can be made on the same day of tour (depends on availability).

Children under 12 years old go free.

The minimum number of people is 2 or the payment thereof

You can cancel up to 24 hours before writing to our contact email:

Our meeting point

All our tours depart from the same place in Kazan, which is Tukaya Square next to the Clock that is in the center of the Square, the nearest subway station is: “Ploshchad ‘Tukaya”, in the same square.

Address: Bauman St, Kazan, Respublika Tatarstan, 420111

You can ask for information on how to find the place:

Phone: + 7-985-182-72-46 (whasApp)

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3 February, 2020

The entire tour was very good, I highly recommend it

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Great tour, I learned a lot, thanks

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Great tour, I loved the boat tour

4 February, 2020

Great tour, I liked it a lot

4 February, 2020

Fabulous as everything came out, an excellent efficient

6 February, 2020

Very good tour in general

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