Travel to Baikal in winter: what to visit and what to do

What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia

Travel to Lake Baikal in winter in Russia, a feasible option to do many activities. What to do in the Baikal in winter in Russia, here we tell you. Touring the Baikal in winter in Russia, is ideal for fun during this time.

Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world with cleaner fresh water. Few people have seen it in winter. In this cold season Baikal shows his other extraordinary face. In this article we tell you the winter history of Lake of the Lakes.

Travel to Lake Baikal in winter in Russia

Getting to Lake Baikal is quite simple. You have to fly by plane from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude or arrive by rail (on the Trans-Siberian or Trans-Mongolian route) from the capital of Russia.

The winter in the lake is cold but very sunny. The ice has many names, including “zaberegi”, “kolobovnik”, “shah”, “osenets” and ect. In winter here you can see tall ridge ice from a huge house and gigantic crevasses. But the most extraordinary comes when you see supernatural transparency of the ice. It is said that all those who see the Baikal ice at the same moment are thrown on the belly and with the curiosity of a child try to look carefully under the ice. In the lake there are more or less 2600 types of aquatic animals, given the fact that half inhabit only here.

Tour the Baikal in winter in Russia

In winter the lake “helps” people to travel. In this area traditionally there are few roads so in summer the main transport to travel by the Baikal are boats of different types but in winter people travel by the ice of the lake in their cars! By the way, going for a walk on the ice of the lake is a unique experience. You can not do crazy things, that under the car there is 1.5 km depth of water and only 1 meter of ice. That’s why people come here to experience these extraordinary senses and conquer their fears. By the way, the road to Olkhon Island by ice is an official road of the level of the Russian Federation. But keep in mind that traveling on the surface of the lake can be dangerous due to fractures in the ice.

Also, Baikal in winter is the largest ice rink on the planet and with its incredible color, it becomes the place for fabulous fun. So if you are going to travel to Lake of the Lakes in winter you need to have ice skates that you can buy in Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude.

It is amazing but here you can find thermal springs. Sit in the cold in warm waters and expire of breath, cannot explain can only be experienced. The most well-known springs are Dzelinda and Goudzhekit that are north of Baikal (to get there it is necessary to take the suburban train from the village Severobaikalsk). If you want to get to an exotic place in Hakasi resort you have to take a free transfer (the car from Severobaikalsk by ice).

Since January fishermen open the season of fishing under the ice. In this period here you can fish for perch, soroga, pike, and hog. In February, fishermen go further along the shore to catch the most interesting fish such as grayling; the mollareta and the omul. They open the secret of the ice of a meter of thickness that is destroyed with the regular ice ax.

There is an undoubted advantage is that in winter there are few tourists. In winter the service wants to do everything so that tourists feel comfortable and happy because they are few. The prices are lower and there are more other amusements such as riding snowmobiles, ice golf, curling, ice sculptures, and ect. People come to enjoy nature, tranquility, comfort and beauty.

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