Paquetes turísticos a Rusia

Travel to Russia for the FIFA Championship 2018

On many occasions, when we want to take a trip, we do not take into account some advice or knowledge to enjoy a great adventure, for this reason, in this article, we want to give you a little insight regarding this topic, so we will talk a little ofabout the tour packages, how to define if they are really good, and about the tour packages to Russia we offer for a unique and exclusive big date, that is the FIFA World Cup 2018.

  1. Tour packages:

  2. How to know if the tour packages are good?

  3. Cities to visit during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Tour packages to Russia and its cities

  4. Types of Tour Packages:

  5. Trips to Russia from Latin American countries classified for the Fifa Word Cup 2018. The approximate cost of the tour packages to Russia:

1. Tour packages:

The tour packages, sometimes, a tourist product is associated with the notion of “tourist package”, which is offered for sale the basic package (mandatory) of services provided in a tour of an individual or group plan. In fact, the tour package includes four mandatory elements:

  • A tourist center
  • Transport
  • Accommodation services
  • Transfer

a. A tourist center

It is a place of tourist rest, which includes all its recreational opportunities: natural, cultural, historical, ecological, ethnic, sociodemographic and infrastructural. This element is mandatory, as it is impossible to organize a trip without a place of interest.

b. Transport

It is the mean of transport, which can help you to reach the tourist center. Without a doubt, the most used mean of transport is an airplane. For a short distances you can go by train, tourist bus and car. Most of the cost, which determines the package, is the cost of transportation. In fact, the more convenient and faster the mean of transport used, the higher the cost of the trip.

c. Accomodation services

This is a specific hotel, which is offered to the tourist in the tourist center during the trip. Accommodation in hotels differs according to the type of hospitality services the tourist can offer. It can be hotel, motel, villa and apartment, Botelho, camping and so on.

d. Transfer:

Transfer is organized for the tourist from the place of arrival, located in the host country (airport, port, railway station), to the accommodation (hotel) where he will stay and return. The transfers are made using buses, sometimes by taxi or limousine, if such transfers are included in the tourist package or requested by the tourist.

2. How to define if the tour packages are good?

In fact, there are many ways to get information, to know if the tourist packages are good, especially reading what is offered by some agencies that provide this service. However we must take into account the following:

a) Before making your purchase, check if the agency that you have chosen is reliable. How? It must have its respective National Tourism Registry and the necessary documents to validate that it is reliable.

b) If an agency, for example, when the value of the tourist package is too low or gives many financing facilities in packages that are practically very complete, you have to be aware, so the client, in this case, should verify every aspect or given information. More information about the recommendations to avoid frauds you can find here:

c) Normally these companies have websites where they offer their services, so for the user it is easier to make purchases without leaving home. However, these purchases must be verified automatically by phone or payment vouchers as confirmation of payment immediately.

d) On the other hand we recommend you to read the website very well, which, must have contact information.


e) The agencies that offer really good services have excellent recommendations, so they usually show the comments of other users who have used the service in time before making your purchase.


f) All clients have the right to request the National Tourism Registry number, as well as asking for information based on the costs of what is included in the tour package.


g) Something very important, if you have already verified and purchased your chosen tour package, the client will never have to pay any additional sum of money unless the tourist asks to add detailes that were not agreed in the original package.

Remember that the quality of the services is a combination of the properties of the tourist service, which determine their suitability to meet the specific needs of the tourist. The quality of service is characterized by precision and punctuality of performance, ergonomics, aesthetics and other indicators of the properties of the service consumer.

A very important feature are the conditions of service for tourists, is expressed in the ethics of communication between service personnel and consumers, the comfort and aesthetics of the service environment.

3. Cities to visit during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Tour packages to Russia and its cities

We would like to talk about something that, as we all know, will be interesting for tourists. Russia will host the FIFA World Cup next year, the most anticipated tournament will start on June 14, 2018, so we invite you to come to this majestic event. However, we will give you some tips that will help you to enjoy it.

The cities where the Fifa World Cup will take place will be Kazan, Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Saranks, so we will recommend you the best cities with tours and quality excursions.

According to your itinerary for these dates, you can also marvel at the best cities in Russia without being too far from the football championship, so we recommend you to choose the best tour packages to Russia and its cities.


• Free Tour in the Red Square of Moscow, Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer.
• Soviet Tour in Moscow (VDNKh).
• Tour in the Moscow metro.
• Old Moscow and Novodevichy.
• Second World War tour.
• Kolomenskoe and Tsaritsino.
• Panoramic tour.
• Excursion to Bunker 42.
• Excursion Vladimir and Suzdal.
• Golden Ring Tour Sergiev Posad.
• Night tour in Moscow.

St. Petersburg:

• Free Tour St. Petersburg, Winter Palace, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Marinskiy Palace, Hermitage Theater and the Gate of the Atlanteans.
• Peter-Pavel’s Fortress Tour.
• Tour in the St. Petersburg metro.
• Tour at the Hermitage.
• Excursion Gardens of St. Petersburg.
• Catherine Palace Excursion.
• Soviet Tour in Leningrad.
• Excursion on Nevsky Prospekt Street.
• Barque excursion through channels.
• Excursion gardens and fountains of Peterhof.
• Night excursion in Saint Petersburg.


• Free Tour in the Kremlin of Kazan, Bauman Street and the historic center.
• Tour gastronómico de la cocina tártara. Gastronomic tour of the tartar cuisine.
• Panoramic tour and Raifa monastery
• Tour “the culture of Kazan”.
• Ancient Kazan Tour.
• Sviyazhsk Island boat tour.
• Night tour.

Nizhni Novgorod:

• Free Tour in the center of Nizhni Novgorod: Kremlin and Pokrovskaya street.
• East zone tour of Nizhni Novgorod: king’s neighborhood and Soviet period.
• West zone tour of Nizhni Novgorod: Contemporary neighborhood.
• Boat tour on the Volga River and Oka River.
• Suizo Park Tour.
• Tour to the city of Gorodets.
• Tour to the city of Semiónov.
• Night tour in Nizhni Novgorod.


• Free Tour in the center of Sochi and the Olympic port.
• Tour in Botanical Garden “Dendrarium”.
• Ordzhonikidze health resort and gardens.
• Tour in the Olympic City “Adler Olimpic”.
• Adler Market Tour and Southern Crops Park.
• Cascadas Tour to the Tea Houses.
• Tour Rosa Khutor y Etno park.
• Night Tour in Sochi.

4. Types of Tour Packages:

a. Tour by hours

Those are short excursions in the places of interest in the cities.

b. Half day tour

They are based on excursions that are made during the morning, knowing and attending different places of the city to visit and have the rest of the day on your own.

c. Full day tour

As for this type of tour, those are full excursions per day, which have a durability of up to 4 days.

d. Transit tour from the airport

Those are tours that are based depending on the tourist’s time at the airport, which is supported by a car tour.

e. Thematic tour

Those are combined tours of independent tourism and advices from the guide.

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5. Trips to Russia from Latin American countries classified for the 2018 Fifa World Cup. The approximate cost of the tour packages to Russia:

From Colombia:

In the case of Colombia, it is not necessary to have a visa, it is sufficient to have with you the current mechanical reading or chip passport. It is estimated that the trip both outward and return, ie, leaving from Rionegro to Moscow have a cost between 2,500,000 to $ 3,000,000 colombian bolivars.

From Argentina:

It is also not necessary to apply for a visa, flights vary from $ 21,000 and $ 30000 depending from which airport you are having a flight (Asuncion del Paraguay or Buenos Aires).

From Mexico:

Unlike the South American countries, Mexico requires their respective Russian visa, so it is necessary to apply for it, however, the Russian Federation approved a visa waiver law during the dates of the championship. Also you have to keep in mind that you must have the ticket for a game of the cup and you must have the FAN ID card or the amateur passport available. Regarding the cost of travel, according to some pages of agencies on the Internet, the prices are higher than $ 20000 mexican pesos.

From Costa Rica:

In this case, it is the same with the visa process as in Mexico. ,the cost of travelling by plane is more than $ 1400 USD in this case.

Again remember, that these prices for the tour packages to Russia are given based on the current, so they may vary over time.

As well as the tour packages to Russia we offer you a trip to Russia to have an unforgettable experience !!