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Places where Russia is not Russia

Visit interesting places in Russia, here we show you something different. Tour places in Russia where the adventure never ends, only with Free Russia Tours. Know some interesting places in Russia and more, you can contact us for more information.

Visit interesting places in Russia

Sometimes, you’re so eager to get out on the balcony in the morning, warm your hands with a cup of cappuccino and enjoy the sight without boredom of Khrushchev, the sea, the mountains and … well, something bright and cheerful, and , apparently, not so Russian. But why go to a distant place, if there are several more nearby? Is it better? We represent you the first 7 places in Russia, where our country is simply unknown. Snowy peaks, turquoise waves, flower fields and beautiful European houses. Hide the dollars and the passport, because we are still in Russia!

Russia as Switzerland (Altai)

There are people who simply have never been on the Chui de Altai stretch. As for this beauty, and want to walk every kilometer (cautiously, they are already here), in order to fully enjoy the surrounding scenic route. By the way, the editorial team of National Geographic Russia included the Chuysky section on the 10 most beautiful highways in the world.

Looking at these layers of snow in the mountains, the water surface of the lakes, where the fluffy clouds are reflected, you will want to stay here forever.

Russia as Bali (bay of the Russian island, Primorsky territory)

Bright turquoise water, light breeze, sandy beach, this is idyll. The landscape is harmoniously complemented by crowds of surfers, wakeboarders and other fans of outdoor activities. Where is this heaven on earth? The Maldives? Bali? Maybe Portugal? You will not believe (we have not arrived yet, we did not believe it either), this is Vladivostok! In the summer here every day tourists walk in Sapah, learn to surf a wave and keep their back straight, kayak, feed the hungry athletes and scallops what is it that is needed for a perfect vacation?

Russia as Munich (Downtown, Ryazan)

Small precise houses, bright facades, puppet windows, trimmed gardens, well, this is not our story. Although … in Ryazan a whole block of Europe was built in the center of the Russian city. Now you do not have to go far for the successful staff in the context of European architecture. Everything is here, everything is close.

Russia as Tibet (Ivolginsky datsan, Buryatia)

Every traveler who decides to go to the mysterious and beautiful Tibet. About him, books are written, Hollywood movies are filmed; Tibet is dedicated to paintings and entire museums. Getting there is not only difficult, but almost impossible. But … near the city of Ulan-Ude in Buryatia there is a beautiful temple-Ivolginsky datsan, which can take you to distant Tibet. Ivolginsky datsan is the center of Russian Buddhism, here is the residence of the Russian hambo-lama.

Russia as Australia (Crimea, Koyash Lake)

Not far from Simferopol, a very unusual sight hid: Koyash Lake. In autumn, winter and spring, it is very likely that you will pass and do not even realize it. But in the summer the lake water is painted a bright pink color. Such a romantic water shadow joins microscopic algae and crustaceans. The hotter the summer, the more intense the color. But these miracles do not end when the water recedes slightly, the coast is covered with salt collapses. Due to the relatively small depth, the salt crystallizes in the rocks that look out of the water, turning them into pink icebergs. A similar natural miracle exists only in Australia: the legendary Lake Hiller.

Russia as Japan (Ussuriysk)

In Japanese culture, pink lotuses are considered sacred flowers, represent integrity, perfection, grace and aspiration to the sun, to spiritual purity. It is the symbol of the flower of the Buddha himself. It is believed that this plant combined the four elements. They root deeply in the ground, the trunk is in the water, the flower sways in the wind and tends to the hot sun.

Crowds of tourists line up in long lines to get to Japan during the flowering season of these beautiful plants. But you can look at them in Russia. In the territory of our country and fragrant lotus flower grows on the banks of the Caspian Sea in the delta of the Volga River and the mouth of the Kura River, the Far East and in the Krasnodar region.

Russia as Venezuela (Norilsk, Putorana plateau)

The ancient and incredibly beautiful plateau is located in the geographic center of Russia. The name of the place translates as “mountains without peaks” and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is no cellular communication and electricity, in general, in the last 250 million years, little has changed here, but here there are more than 20,000 waterfalls. The area of ​​the plateau is 250 thousand km, which is comparable with the territory of Great Britain. Something similar to this incredible place is in Venezuela: the famous Mount Tepui.

If you are going to visit places in Russia where Russia does not look, now you know where to go. Knowing some interesting places in Russia is ideal thanks to the advice of Free tour Russia.