Valaam Island, a city in the lake

Valaam-island-a-city-in-the-lakeLake Valaam has the particularity of being extremely large in size, in fact it is the largest lake on the entire European continent. If we add to this the fact that it is settled on a rocky base, just like the islands above it, we get the right conditions for a rather strange and curious phenomenon to take place: Lake Valaam and its islands have their own special microclimate. Of the archipelago that exists in this lake, the largest island is also called Valaam and it is quite well-known in several places in the country due to a bell tower that is built on it and that reaches 72 meters of height. Besides this impressive tower, the monks have been in charge of filling the islands of the archipelago with crosses, chapels and even monasteries, forming a peculiar landscape where nature and religious temples converge. As is common among the monks, their constructions are in harmony with the local ecology. In the case of the Valaam Island we can see stone mills and drainage systems and channels suitable for navigation that make the most of the lake’s water resources. As if this were not enough, in the archipelago we can visit pine forests and beautiful cliffs. All you have to do is take a boat on Lake Valaam to get there and visit these incredible islands.