Vvedensky island convent

The monastery was founded at the very end of the XVII century. by the monks Sergius and Timofey, who retired to the island of Lake Vyatsk and placed there a wooden chapel and a wooden cell. The solitude, according to the legend, did not last long. A rumor went around and people who wanted to become the inhabitants began to come. The monks accepted everyone. By the beginning of the new 18th century, the island fraternity multiplied so much that it was decided to ask for a blessing to build its own island temple.

The monastery is located on an island in the middle of Vyatskoye Lake (Vvedenskoe Lake) near to Vladimir city. It can get there by one of the two bridges, launched from the coast, and in winter by the frozen lake.

The cathedral was rebuilt several times and the last version is the red brick five-domed church. In winter, when the island is covered with snow, the red walls of the church serve as a guide for pilgrims.

The island contains two other churches; the Church of Saint Nicolas, which has been completely renovated a few years ago, and the Vedensky church, which interior has not yet recovered. The monastery is famous for its murals and rare icons, including a wonderful painting of St. Alexandr Nevsky.

The monastery is known for the excellent hospitality of its monks, who chat with pleasure with the guests, sharing stories of their life and they always ready to offer a small tour of the area. Most visitors stay to eat in the pilgrims’ dining room, where they serve a tasty cuisine made with local ingredients. In the monastery you can buy fresh and smoked fish caught just off the coast of the island; all proceeds go to charity. In summer, many pilgrims descend to the water to swim and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings of Lake Vedensky.

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