Volgograd Stadium for the 2018 World Cup

“Победа” or “Victoria” Location: Volgograd
Year of construction: 2017 (under construction)
Construction price: 10 billion rubles.
Capacity: 45,015 spectators
Local team: Rotor

Volgograd Stadium for the 2018 World Cup is being built on the site of the former stadium that was once formidable and the largest of the Russian club FC “Rotor”.

The sports facility located on the banks of the Volga, where the project should mix well with the city skyline in the background Mamayev Hill and the monument “to the Motherland!”. The architectural concept of the building is façade based on the local tradition of weaving of vines and complemented by elements of fireworks, which, in turn, is associated with the military past of the city-hero. And the name – “Victory” the stadium is named after the main event in the modern history of Russia.

The exterior and the illumination of the facade, will give the appearance even more entertainment experience in LED. At the request of the FC “Rotor” representatives in their colors, the distinctive dark blue-light blue tone of the club’s symbols will dominate.

The dismantling of the old sports facilities was made in December 2014, after which the site was cleared of debris and old concrete structures. Now, the construction of the stadium in Volgograd World 2018 is in full swing. At the end of August 2015 it has been planned to complete the first phase, in particular, the foundation slab device.

“Arena Victoria” is a super modern sports facility, technical capabilities that provide accommodation of 45,000 seats for fans, of which 640 – for VIP guests, 2280 – for the press and 445 – for people with reduced mobility. At the end of the championship facilities reduce the capacity of 35 thousand seats.

In the field of natural grass all the necessary services will be established: a modern system of irrigation, drainage and heating.

The roof of the Arena will be assembled with wiring technology – on the steel ropes of the anchors. For our country this is a unique architectural design.

Along the perimeter of the stadium to be built a pedestrian bridge, which is integrated into the general direction of the master plan, the theme of which is based on the geometry of the Russian orders.

The Volgograd Stadium for the World Cup in 2018, is a project that is made by FSUE “Sports Engineering”, will be put into operation in 2017. Currently, the total estimate of its construction has increased significantly, due to the difficult economic situation and the additional costs, for example, to strengthen the banks of the river. The main financial burden for the construction of the Arena will be borne by the state, and only a small percentage has extrabudgetary sources.

Subsequently, the stadium will be available to the club “Rotor” of the lower leagues of Russian football, but the regional administration has already proposed the task of returning to the elite division.

The stadium will become a multifunctional complex, where in addition to sports competitions will be held and cultural events. The area around the stadium will be improved: establish small architectural forms, such as urns, benches, fountains; vegetation will be planted.

The stadium is being built in Volgograd, Lenina Ave., 76.

Location of the stadium on the map