Water Park Golden Beach in Anapa

Anapa is a favorite for many Russians among coastal cities, which has a lot of beaches, green parks and cafes. Of course, the most important advantage is the Black Sea. However, sometimes one wants to relax in the sea, and the level of the beach is felt. The recipe is simple: a sufficient number of children, and then run to the water park, so with shouting, exclamations to spend a fun day on the extreme high-speed roller coaster and in the park with the local water painting of the Wayer Park Golden Beach in Anapa.

It is located in the center of the city, the water park is very well designed for families with children, and it will not be boring even for young people. The attractions of Massa are located in several thematic areas, there is a comfortable design that makes it possible to go to the park filled with a large number of tourists.

“Kamikaze”, “Spiral”, “Dragon” and “Boa” – these are fantastic names that are given to the attractiones of  the Water Park Golden Beach in Anapa.

For an age group of 10 years and over, there are the hills “Boa”, “Espiral” and “Nodo”. “Kamikaze” or the “Black Hole” are allowed for children from 12 year olds.

For those who have already received a lot of adrenaline, it is possible to relax in the pool or sunbathe in the surrounding sun loungers. In the park there are three swimming pools for children, a wave pool, as well as a large reservoir in the form of three lagoons that are connected to each other.

Practical information

Address: Anapa, Grebenskaya 1

How to get there? : using almost all buses and minibuses in the direction to the Central Beach.

Working hours of the Water Park Golden Beach in Anapa: from mid-May to mid-September every day: from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.