Waterfall of the key Gremyachiy

Know the Waterfall of the Gremyachiy key in Russia

.Visit the waterfall of the key Gremyachiy in Russia, a fascinating place of nature. Knowing the Waterfall of the Gremyachiy Key in Russia is easy and simple; With our excursion services in Spanish you will have a wonderful experience. Excursion in the Waterfall of the key Gremyachiy in Russia with Free Tours Russia is ideal

Know the waterfall of the key Gremyachiy in Russia; just a couple of hours by car from Moscow, a hidden but friendly, admirable and cheerful place; is the waterfall of the key Gremyachiy.

According to legend, the quays located on the steep bank of the river between the villages of Vondigi Vzglyadnevo and Lyapino, were opened through the prayer of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

This wooden chapel was called in the name of the saint. It is located under the chapel of the cracks and is hit by three strong powerful jets, which flow through conduits.

Visit the waterfall of the key Gremyachiy in Russia

The Gremyachiy Key Waterfall, which resembles a mountain river, attracts pilgrims from all over. Most come here with large jars to collect pure and holy water.

Many brave people immerse themselves in the source for healing, because for them a source of faith is established.

If you are going to hike at the Gremyachiy Key Waterfall in Russia; you should know that on a hot day the three outlets of water, at a temperature of six degrees, seem even pleasant; but on rainy days such a procedure not everyone dares to do it.

The relaxing nature around, the water from the springs, the bright faces of the pilgrims, as well as the faith and elegance of the temple, can be seen in one of the most famous fountains of Moscow.

In the summer and warm days of autumn and spring, the way to have a break from the city is at Lake Torbeevsky, where you can reach through the village Slotin up to the side of “Betonka” (A108 road).

To get there by car you have to take the road to Yaroslavl, then turn right into Moscow Grand Ring Road (road A108) and after 13 km turn right into the sign of the falls and the village of Botovo Gremyachiy. The car can be parked outside the Vzglyadnevo urban area.

They sell pilgrim jars with water to easily carry them to the falls; It is difficult to get lost (walking from the parking lot is two kilometers and 500 meters, depending on the conditions of the road and exactly where you left the car).

It can be reached by public transport, for example; by train to Sergiev Posad (from Yaroslavsky station in Moscow) and then bus number 120.

Excursion in the Gremyachiy key waterfall in Russia and other sites of interest can contact us for more information. Visiting the Waterfall of the Gremyachiy key in Russia has never been better.

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