What to see in the Moscow Kremlin?

Visit the Moscow Kremlin

What to see in the Moscow Kremlin, one of the most emblematic places of the capital and of all Russia. Visiting the Moscow Kremlin is ideal to come together during a guided tour. Excursion in the Moscow Kremlin, only with Free Tour Russia, you will visit the best places.

The Moscow Kremlin is the place that attracts the most attention of tourists visiting the capital of Russia. And not in vain!

It is a magnificent place full of history. Ancient towers, cathedrals, squares and not only that awaits you behind the walls of the Kremlin.

But what exactly do you see in the Kremlin? Which place is more interesting and worth visiting. In this article, we will tell you.

What to see in the Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a complex of several cathedrals, palaces, and museums, which can be divided into 4 main categories:

Museums and territories of the Kremlin

– The great palace of the Kremlin
– The Kremlin State Palace – Concert Hall
– Presidential residence and office buildings (closed for tourists)
– Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin and museums.
– The territory of the Kremlin.

The territory of the Moscow Kremlin is very large, occupies 27 hectares. The good news is that most of this territory is accessible to tourists.

Once inside the Moscow Kremlin, you can see the majestic Cathedral Square, enjoy the views of the Kremlin cathedrals and admire the Tzar’s Bell (broken bell) and the Tsar’s Canyon. You will also see some important Kremlin buildings (outside), including the presidential residence and the Grand Kremlin Palace.

After visiting the architectural ensemble of the Kremlin Cathedral Square, you can walk in the spacious garden of the Moscow Kremlin (also known as the Alexandrov Gardens), which is especially beautiful in the spring, summer, and autumn.

The cathedrals and churches of the Moscow Kremlin in the Cathedral Square

The cathedrals and churches of the Kremlin are located in Cathedral Square.
During your excursion to the Moscow Kremlin you can become acquainted with five churches located in the Cathedral Square:

• Cathedral of the Assumption
• Cathedral of Arcángel Miguel
• The Cathedral of the Annunciation
• Church of the Deposition of the Blessed Virgin Mary
• Church of the Twelve Apostles (part of the Patriarch’s Palace)

These are just some of the churches that are located outside the walls of the Moscow Kremlin. There are other private churches that belong to the presidential and administrative part of the Kremlin but they are closed to visitors.

The Great Bell Tower of Ivan the Great

Several temporary exhibitions are presented in the exhibition hall of the Belfry of the Assumption (which is adjacent to the Bell Tower Ivan the Great). You can usually visit these temporary exhibitions during the visit to the Kremlin territory.

From spring to early autumn, you can climb to the second floor of the Bell Tower. Pay attention, the climbing is very complicated and not everyone can do it. Therefore, we recommend that you inquire about this place before planning your visit to the Kremlin.

As a general rule, a fixed schedule (sessions) is established to visit the Kremlin bell tower.
Usually, the following sessions: 10:15, 11:30, 13:45, 15:00 and 16:00. Because only 15 people are allowed to enter during 1 session, therefore the number of tickets is limited and it is usually sold 45 minutes before the start of each session (no online sale either).

Palace of the Patriarch

The Palace of the Patriarch is located in the Cathedral square. There is a permanent exhibition on the second floor. It is dedicated to the Russian culture of the seventeenth century and includes precious traditional dishes, jewelry, antique furniture, and clothing.





Armory Museum of the Moscow Kremlin

The Armory Museum in the Moscow Kremlin is one of the world’s leading museums-treasures of the former royal family and a Russian national pride. Its rich collection includes state regalia, coronation dresses, carriages, Russian gold and silver works of art, weapons and armor, Fabergé eggs and gifts from ambassadors from around the world. No visit to the territory of the Moscow Kremlin is considered complete without visiting the Armory.

If you visit the Moscow Kremlin and the Armory on the same day and your time is limited, please pay attention that the Chamber of Armory requires at least 2 – 3 hours.

Diamond Fund

The Diamond Fund of the Moscow Kremlin is a separate exhibition, which is located in the building of the Chamber of Armory.
The diamond fund collection can be compared to the exhibition of real jewels in the United Kingdom and the imperial royal jewels in Iran.

The great imperial crown of Catherine the Great and all subsequent emperors, adorned with 5000 diamonds, is represented in the Diamond Fund along with seven historical gemstones, each of which is world famous.
Visit this museum occupies a special place and can become a brilliant event of your visit to Moscow!

Kremlin State Palace

Built in 1961, it is the newest building on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin, not to be confused with the Grand Kremlin Palace.

Today, the State Kremlin Palace is one of the most popular concert halls in Moscow.
The Palace is the main venue of the theater “The Kremlin Ballet”, one of the leading Russian ballet companies. Its artistic director and chief choreographer are the famous Andris Liepa.
“The Kremlin ballet” is the highest class of the art of dance, while in the Bolshoi Theater for example. Visiting ballet presented by the “Ballet of Kremlin” can be an excellent option if the Bolshoi Theater has no tickets available or they are too expensive.

The Kremlin is the main museum of the country, it is also used as a real (working) residence of the President of the Russian Federation. Therefore, some places and facilities in the Moscow Kremlin are closed to visitors.

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