What souvenirs to buy in Russia? From Matriosek to Cheburashka

The list of souvenirs that can be bought in Russia is very diverse: you have wooden souvenirs (for example, matrioski), clothes (shawl, Russian hat or ushanka, hockey shirts or Soviet clothes and accessories), metal utensils (e.g. a samovar), semi-precious stones (e.g. amber or malachite), porcelain (Gzhel) or food products (caviar, vodka or marshmallow).


If you are going on a trip to Russia, it is very likely that you want to buy one souvenirs or memories for you, your family or friends. The possibilities are very diverse, so I will make a selection in this article souvenirs the most popular and characteristic Russians.
File souvenirs can be purchased in many places:

  • On the streets or in more touristy places such as Moscow’s Arbat Street or Sparrow Hills
  • In shopping mall stores such as GUM.
  • In specialized sales markets souvenirs Because Izmailovo market.
  • In major museum stores.
  • In supermarkets or grocery stores, e.g. Eliseevsky.
  • In the zone duty free from the airport (although prices are higher here).

Please note that there are several files limits when buying products in Russia and take them to your suitcase and go through customs. It is best to consult with travel recommendations website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs i customs regulations of the Russian Federation which are published on the website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Currently, there are restrictions on taking more than 3 liters of alcoholic beverages per person, 250 grams of caviar per person, etc.

In any case, unless you are buying icons or antiques older than 50 that require a special permit, there are usually no problems with determining your gender. Of course, it is one thing to buy 3 liters of vodka and strain a fourth bottle, and quite another is to fill the suitcase to the brim (in which case the suitcase is checked, you will have problems).

On the other hand, if you are not traveling to Russia or if you have already returned from Russia and wanted to bring back a souvenir or didn’t because it was too heavy, you also have the option to buy them on Amazon (in some cases even at a better price) such as these Matryoshka




Matrioski is probably souvenir Most sought after by tourists in Russia and are widely recognized as the symbol of the country. It is a set of traditional dolls (its origins date back to 1890), the originality of which is that they are empty inside, so that a new doll can fit inside, and this one in a variable amount, which can range from five ( most often) up to twenty or even more (up to 75 done).


Due to its popularity, in addition to the more traditional matrios, you can also find those with the faces of politicians, film characters or famous people from Russia and other countries.

It is about souvenir Rather economical and light, important problem in packing.


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Different souvenir Wooden spoons, plates and bowls painted in the Khokhloma style (light colors and gold on a dark background) are very well known, a style that first appeared in the second half of the 17th century in Nizhny Novgorod. The good thing is, it’s also a file souvenir very light, although it is a material that does not support liquids and therefore is not suitable for drinking soups or tea.
Many Russians like this style and have their cell phones, computers and even cars in this striking style.



As for wooden gifts, it is also worth highlighting the varnished and painted boxes in the style of Paleja (cities in central Russia), which women like to use as jewelers. They are decorated and show aspects of real life, stories etc.



Russian caps: Ushanka

No less famous are Russian hats such as Ushanka, a cap with flexible earpieces that was probably taken over by the Mongols during the early medieval raids. It is a headgear equated with Russia, which is commonly referred to as the “Russian cap”.

Russian cap

Buy a Russian hat


The Russian shawl is an outfit that is over 200 years old, but is still fashionable among Russian women. The most traditional ones are still made in Pávlovski Posád. It is a garment similar to a scarf but with larger dimensions that is flung over the shoulders through a dress and is used both as an outer garment and as an elegant and seductive garment.


Buy a Russian shawl

Russian shoes: Valenki

Russian shoes called Valenki, made of sheep’s wool and used in winter, are also very characteristic. Older and traditional ones are dark and quite ugly, but modern ones come in a wide variety of designs and colors and usually have a rubber sole.



For sports fans, football and ice hockey are the two most popular sports in the country. Hockey jerseys have been very popular among tourists for many years, although with the recent Winter Olympics in Sochi or the next World Championships in Russia in 2018, the range of possibilities is growing: football shirts, scarves, stuffed animals from sports events, key rings, fridge magnets, etc. You can also find souvenirs from the 1980 Moscow Olympics.


Soviet clothing and accessories

Souvenirs from the Soviet era are also very popular. Not only military caps, uniforms, stripes, medals or insignia (some with drawings of KGB agents), but also old banknotes and coins.

soviet gadgets-2
soviet gadgets



If you have enough space in your suitcase and weight is not a problem, you can opt for a Russian samovar, a metal coffee pot-shaped container that is used to boil water and brew tea. This is an element that has become an icon of Russian tea culture over the centuries. It is about souvenir more expensive.


Zhostovo trays

Another famous gift is metal trays painted in the style of Zostovo (the population of the Moscow province), which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century.

metal trays



In the village of Gzhel (near Moscow), ceramics from the beginning of the 19th century with white and blue motifs are made, including vases, ceramics, statuettes, etc.




Amber is a semi-precious stone made of fossilized resin and is usually light brown in color. They are sold in many places and are in great demand by tourists.



It is also worth paying attention to other semi-precious stones, such as malachite from the Urals, green in color. You can find necklaces, cufflinks, boxes or board games made of malachite.




Caviar is the most sought-after food product by tourists. While real sturgeon caviar is quite expensive, salmon caviar is quite affordable. You can buy it in cans or jars.

Black Russian sturgeon caviar

I will sell sturgeon caviar


Vodka is the most famous drink in Russia. It is made from cereals, usually wheat, although rye is also sometimes used. In addition to white vodka, you can also buy flavored vodka (Limonnaya, Okhtnichya, Starka, etc.).


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Beer is also very popular in Russia. The most famous is Baltika, founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg, although today it is owned by the Danish Carlsberg group and dominates over 40% of the Russian market.

Sweets: Marshmallow

Although chocolate is a bit more specific to Belgium or Switzerland, some Russian chocolates are very good and can make a good gift.
It is a sweetness characteristic of Russia Zephyra kind of meringue, made of fruit puree, eggs and sugar. They are very light, dairy free and low in calories.




It is not easy to find a Russian gift especially for younger children, as all toy stores are flooded with Western products. One option is to buy a Cheburashka doll, a classic Russian cartoon character, very popular in this country.


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