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What to see in Saransk, an old city and the capital of the Republic Mordovia. If you plan to visit Saransk, you should know that it is located on the bank of the Insar River. Saransk appeared in history the first time in the 1641 year as a military fortress. Status of the city Saransk received in 1780. Initially, the entire city was built of wood. But then it was rebuilt in stone, so in the city, there are not many old houses. Modern Saransk has three neighborhoods – Oktiabrskiy, Leninskiy, and Proletarskiy. The Leninskiy district is central, here is most of the places of interest. Want to visit Saransk, come with us. Touring Saransk is possible thanks to Free Tours Russia.

What to see in Sarans: 10 most important places

How to visit Saransk in one day? We offer you a list of the 10 most interesting places in Saransk.

  1. The Cathedral of St.Theodore Ushakov

The construction of the cathedral was from 2002 to the 2006 year after San Fedor Ushakov was chosen as the protector of the place. Fedor Ushakov was an admiral of the Russian fleet and won all the battles. The cathedral is built in imperial style. The dome is built in the neo-Byzantine style and its height is 62 meters along with the cross. It has 12 bells that were fused and created with the old churches of previous centuries. Inside the cathedral, there is a golden wooden iconostasis. Three altars are dedicated to Saint Fedor Ushakov, Saint Serafim Sorovskiy and the Saints of Mordovia.

Location – Sovetskaya 53, Saransk


  1. The Privokzalnaya square and the train station

The trains in Saransk began to circulate in 1893 through the road from Moscow-Kazan. The Privokzalnaya square is translated as the square of the train station. It was built in the last years of the 19th century. In the square, there are two important sightseeings of Saransk: the building of the train station (in Russian “vokzal”) and the monument of the heroes “Stratonauts”. The Vokzal building was reopened in 2009.

The statue of the Stratolaut heroes is built in honor of three people – Andrey Vasilenko, Iliya Usikin and Pavel Fedoseenko. In 1934 they in a device that could travel to the stratosphere “Osoaviohim 1” have risen to the height of 22 km. It was a record of rising at this point of a device of this type and the first rise of the device in the middle of winter. But in the attempt to land the device fell on the territory of Mordovia in a village Potizhskiy Ostrog. The whole crew died. In honor of these people, this monument was built.

Location – Privokzalnaya ploshad, Saransk


  1. The memorial museum of heroes of World War II

The memorial museum was opened in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the victory in World War II. In the museum, there are rooms of honor, of generals, of the inheritance of generations, of “the roads of fire”. In the museum, you can find many books, soldiers’ diaries, letters from the front, personal objects of soldiers and captains. The facade of the building presents Georgio’s ribbon in colors of black and orange, symbolizing victory in the Patriotic War.

Location – Sovetskaya 36, Saransk. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 17


  1. The art museum of painter Erzi

This museum is one of the most important in Saransk. Its collection has 200 works by sculptor Stepan Erzi. In addition, there are pictures of the painter F. Sichkov and the painter I. Makarov as well as a large collection of other works of Mordovian artists.

Location – Kommunisticheskaya Ulitsa, 61, Saransk





  1. The monastery of Ioann Bogoslov

This monastery was founded in the 18th century. It was started with the construction of the temple of Archangel Michail in 1702. And in two years the cathedral of Ioann Bogoslov was built,

In the 19th century, the church icon of Mother Mary was placed. As a monastery it was inaugurated in 1994. The composition of the monastery has the shape of a pentagon with the cathedral in the center. The architectural complex completed mainly in baroque style.   Currently the complex is open for pilgrims and tourists.

Location – village Makarovo, ul Nagornaya 35

  1. Pushkin park

This park is the favorite place of the citizens. The history of the park began in the 19th century when the city government decided to plant the trees in the Uspenskaya square, where the Uspenskaya church was located. Mainly the park was thought as a city garden and its territory was 2 hectares. In 1899 the park received the name of the famous Russian poet Pushkin and his statue was placed (later it was changed to another monument).

In 1935 to the garden was added a zoo. Now the park has a summer stage, dance floors, coffee shops, exhibitions and summer cinema. Its territory is 40 hectares.

Location – Krasnoarmeyskaya Ulitsa, 12, Saransk

  1. The fox bridge

The fox is the symbol of Saransk and there is on the flag and shield of the republic Mordovia. In 2009 in front of the art museum, the composition The fox bridge” was installed. Citizens believe that if you touch the nose of this animal it helps you fulfill a wish. In front of the statue, there are the spheres of predictions, which can be used by anyone.

Location – Kommunisticheskaya ulitsa, Saransk

  1. The little house and the statue of Emelian Pugachev (Pugachevskaya Palatka)

The Pugachev tent is the oldest civil building in Saransk. Located on Moscow street. The construction dates back to the end of the XVII – the beginning of the XVIII centuries. It was named after the estate of Yemelyan Pugachev, who in 1774 captured Saransk and settled in this house. Pugachev was the leader of the peasant uprising during the reign of Catherine the Second. Now the tent is located next to the Museum of the ethnographic museum. Entrance to visitors inside is closed. The monument to Emelyan Pugachev was erected on the spot where in 1774 from June 27 to July 3 the headquarters of the rebel forces was located.

Location of the statue – Korolenko st, Saransk. Location of the cottage – Moskovskaya st, Saransk

  1. The Ethnographic Museum of Saransk

The history of the museum began in 1918. In 2005 the museum was named after a scientist and writer Ivan Voronin. In the museum, you can see many historical relics, coins, books, weapons, musical instruments, objects of ordinary use, traditional clothes and ect.

Location: Moskovskaya 48, Saransk. Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 to 18

  1. The church of St. Nikolas

The church of St. Nikolas was built between 1897 and 1906 years. The architect’s nickname was a Penza builder. The main altar table sanctified in honor of Saints Peter, Paul, and Saint Nikolas. The building is quite massive and it is made of red brick. In Soviet times the church was used as a warehouse and later as a museum of books. In the 1990 building was returned to the Orthodox church.

Location: Volgogradskaya 90, Saransk


The typical dishes of Saransk and the Republic of Mordovia

5 typical dishes that you have to taste in Saransk.

Valdo yakstere viy (Валдо якстере вий)

This dish is a cover of beet and goat cheese cut into square pieces. They are served with sunflower oil.

Ersia soup– Shi(Эрзянский суп ЩИ)

The ersia soup (this is the name of the village of Mordovia) is usually cooked of meat. People thought that soup is the most important dish because it gave strength and physical fitness. The main soup is the Shi that was prepared from chicken or beef or pork with vegetables.

Bear paw (ofton lapat – овтонь лапат)

The paw of the bear is a well-known dish in Mordovia. You can find it in almost every café and restaurant in Saransk. The dish has its own history. Once upon a time, a boy wanted to marry a girl, but before he had to hunt a bear to become a man. Finally, he killed the bear and brought its fried paw as a gift to his girlfriend. Currently to cook this dish there no longer use of meat of the bear, but pork or cow. Then add eggs, spices, onions and prepare minced meat. Then model the croquettes and top them with bread.

Drink Poza (поза)

It is a cold beet drink in the style of the Russian drink Kvas. People like to take it in summer. We recommend you to try it, it’s an interesting experience.

The tits of a young girl(груди молодушки)

The food with the original name is a cake with different fillings. In ancient times these cupcakes used to make for the wedding and fill them with cottage cheese so that the bride having a baby would have a lot of milk. In addition, they asked that the future wife will give birth to 7 children and 7 daughters. Now, these cakes do not have much effect, but the name is still there.

How to visit Saransk

There are many ways to visit Saransk.


Saransk can be reached by plane from Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg, Sochi. The flight from Moscow lasts 1,5 hours. The airport is in the village Luhovka. From the airport to the city you can get by bus or taxi.


To Saransk by the train can be reached from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, and others. The train from Moscow to Saransk takes from 8.5 hours to 10.5 hours.


There is an opportunity to visit Saransk by bus from different cities.  This way of traveling we recommend you just in case there are no flights and trains to the city because the bus is less comfortable than train or airplane.

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