What to visit in Nizhny Novgorod

City of the Volga, known as Gorky. History has its beginning from the 13th century, thanks to the efforts of Prince Vladimir. In the 16th century defensive wall was built, the Kremlin, which has become overgrown settlements, and extended the boundaries of the city.

It is not the last role played by Russia in the confrontation with the Polish-Lithuanian invaders. Due to Nizhny Novgorod Minin and Prince Pozharsky was organized by popular resistance. Since the 19th century, the city became the center of the all-Russian annual fair. The city of the population today has 1,263,880 people.

Below are the main attractions in Nizhny Novgorod with photos and description:

1. Monastery of the Ascension of the Caves.

nizhnij novgorod Monasterio de la Ascensión de las Cuevas

Heart of Nizhny Novgorod was created after the Kiev Caves, in the image and likeness at the beginning of the 14th century. However, because of the earthquake suffered significant damage, after which it was rebuilt in a new way. The base of the monastery the monks were cave. When feasible help local residents had erected the active monastery.

Icon of “Mother of God in the Cave” is the main relic of the monastery survived. The monastery had to provide assistance during the conflict and the accession of Prince Pozharsky Contrary to the popular revolt in the monastery. There is also a monument to Emperor Alexander II.

Volga Street, 108

2. Kremlin of Nizhny Novgorod.

nijmi novgorod Kremlin de Nizhny Novgorod.

Originally it was a stone wall, which was thought to protect the lands from the attacks of the enemies. Little by little a village began to form around the wall, which later became a city. The building, known first of the 16th century, in its original form was a set of 13 observation towers. Unfortunately, up to now they have remained 12. Each of the towers is a historical museum with its theme: exhibitions of archaeological museums to militias.

At that time, the Kremlin has a military garrison and artillery barracks. Now some of the administrative structures are in the territory, such as the State Duma, the court. According to the legend somewhere on the walls or in the underground labyrinths he kept a collection of old books of Ivan the Terrible, to which he moved inherited from his Byzantine grandmother, Sophia. However, no trace of the library has been found in view of the difficult passages and underground currents.

Address: Plaza Minin and Pozharsky

3. Chkalov stairs.

nijmi novgorod escaleras Chkalov

The grand staircase was conceived as a symbol of the victory of the Soviet people over fascism. The first stones were placed after winning the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943. A kind of ladder ended at the end of 1949. Interestingly, the direct participation in its construction was done by the Germans who were in Russian captivity.

The staircase with figure form “8”, has two observation platforms. One of them is a monument in honor of the pilot Chkalov.

The staircase is easy to see from the other side of the Volga River due to its monumentality. In addition, the staircase is the connecting part between the main square of the city and the embankment of the Volga.

4. Mantle of the Virgin of the street.

nijmi novgorod Manto de la Virgen de la calle.

Two kilometers away, most of which are used for hiking and are almost never used for public transport. There is the intersection of places like the Minin area and Pozharsky Liadov street. At that time, it was thought to be a place only for the superior people of the population, not for the poor. Before the revolution, it carried a lot of manufacturers of houses, noble families.

From the beginning of the revolutionary actions received a new name, Sverdova. Its original name purchased through the Church of the Intercession, the territory of which is located on this street. Who visits the Intercession can visit the Puppet Theater and the main theater drama. Also in it are the historic buildings of the old trading house and the House of Trade Unions, the Museum of Fine Arts. Street is dyed in colors at night when the lights are lit and you can calmly stroll, admire the architecture of the city.

5. Nizhny Novgorod Dramatic Theater.

Simply strolling through the Great Intercession can admire in the theater. Its history goes back a little over two hundred years. It was created by Prince Shakhovskaya. It was his theater company and serfdom the basis for the total opening of the current theater of the city, which had been in the repertoire of so much drama and opera and ballet.

The complex history of theater: the frequent change of owners, poverty, the threat of closure and even fire and reconstruction have made this theater unique. The main architect of the Emperor Schroeter was involved in its construction.

we present you the most important and interesting places of Nizhny Novgorod. Of course, this is the whole list of attractions that are worthwhile.