What to visit in Rostov-on-Don

Rostov-on-Don is an important southern city of Russia. It should be noted that it is not only one of the largest cities in Russia, but also has the thirtieth place in Europe in the population ranking. Today the population is around 1,114,806 people. In 2008 it was recognized as a city of military glory.

The cause of its foundation is a letter on December 15, 1749 to Empress Elizabeth. It owes its name due to the location, since it is on the banks of the Don River. The city attracts many tourists with its unique views.

Below are the main attractions of Rostov on the Don with photos and description:

1. Bolshaya Sadovaya Street in Rostov-on-Don

rostov na donu La calle Bolshaya Sadovaya en Rostov del Don

As the famous Old Arbat street in Moscow, in Rostov-on-Don is known Bolshaya Sadovaya street. It’s hard to imagine, but until the mid-19th century, the place where the street now stands was a huge warehouse of rubble. Now this place is the repository of ancient buildings of extraordinary beauty and one of the most remarkable streets. Walking through it, you will find the Town Hall, Margarita Chernova’s house and other buildings that have their own unusual history.

2. The house of Margarita Chernova

rostov na donu La casa de Margarita Chernova

Mansion, which was a gift for the famous famous actress Margarita Chernova, from the merchant Paramonov, until today adorns the street in Rostov-on-Don. Unfortunately, this house was badly damaged by the war years, but it could still be restored, so that the original appearance is almost maintained.

See this house can be on the previous street Bolshaya Sadovaya. Number of buildings – 30.

3. The Rostov-on-Don zoo

El zoológico de Rostov-on-Don

See the beauty of the variety of wildlife can be at the zoo Rostov-on-Don. It is located among one of the largest zoos in Russia. It is characterized by a large number of different species (approximately five million) and by a number of relatively rare species.

Particularly tourists attract the famous pink flamingos, large Asian elephants and Japanese cranes. Bright lawns, blooming flowers and ponds with all the wildlife provide an extraordinary environment. If you do not want to walk all over the vast territory, you can take a horse-drawn carriage.

Location of the zoo – calle Zoológico, 3.

4. Source of the “Atlanteans”

rostov na donu Fuente de Atlanta

The majestic fountain of the “Atlantes” adorns the Plaza del Teatro. In the primary realization, Atlanta was surrounded by turtles and frogs, but after the Great Patriotic War made its destructive contribution, a fountain was restored, but without animal figures. But after the city’s anniversary, when he was 250 years old, he managed to restore the fountain almost as it seemed at first.

Remember that finding this interesting attractions can be in the main square of Rostov-on-Don.

5. Church of the Holy Cross

rostov na donu Iglesia de la Santa Cruz

This church that remembers the churches in Armenia is one of the oldest buildings of the Rostov-on-Don. Apparently, from the end of the 18th century. The reason for its creation is the population of Rostov-on-Don, during the reign of Catherine the Crimean Armenians, who wished to build a building that reminded them of their native place. Of course, it was a church. Location of the church Surb Khach is very picturesque, the springs and forests of the surroundings, and is near the Temernik River. The church has an altar in the form of a fourth century stone carved with a cross on it.

Attractions Address – Baghramyan Street 1.

6. Pond in the Don River

rostov na donu estanque

The pond on the river Don is the favorite place designated for festivities and groups of tourists. The day of the city is celebrated in style in this place. Its popularity can be attributed to the fascination for lights at night, as well as the really beautiful ride. Many monuments, fragrant flowers and stone slabs perfectly framed by the famous river. Several sculptures, which can be found here.

Coast direction – Street coast.

7. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

rostov na donu Iglesia de la Natividad de la Santísima Virgen

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a mini copy of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. We can say that this is the third cathedral, built in the same place. Its first construction was burned by lightning, the second fell, and the third one still adorns the city. The temple was closed during the Soviet era, but it recovered quickly. In 1999, the four-level bell tower was rebuilt, which was destroyed during the war.

Address of the cathedral – Rostov-on-Don, Stanislavsky 58th Street.

8. The Sculpture “Rostovchanka”

rostov na donu Escultura Rostovchanka

This sculpture is an image of a random woman, a girl from Rostov, who is widely extended her arms and rose towards the bright sun rays. It is rumored that the image is not a woman at random, and written with the wife of the sculptor apparition.

This sculpture can be between the Voroshilovsky bridge and the river station in the riverbank area.

Rostov-on-Don attracts tourists from all over the country for its unusual atmosphere and massive grandeur. This huge city is full of interesting places, and each person becomes spiritually rich and greatly expands their horizons.

Rostov-on-Don this is a great place where you can touch the history and see the place that once walked many people listed in the history books.