What to visit in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a city of federal importance in the Russian Federation, the administrative center of the Northwest Federal District.
It is located in the northwest of the Russian Federation at the mouth of the Neva River and the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

May 16, 1703 Peter I founded the city. From 1712 to 1918 it was the capital of the Russian state.
In St. Petersburg, it was the beginning of the revolution and approximately 900 days the city was besieged during World War II by the Germans. As a result, 1.5 million people died of hunger. Since 1965, St. Petersburg has been called the hero city, to honor the people who lost their lives and the heroes who survived.
The city has 5,191,690 people. It is the northernmost city in the world, with a population of over 1 million people.
St. Petersburg is one of the important economic, scientific and cultural centers of Russia.

What to visit in St. Petersburg is a frequent question, because you can visit a lot of places. In this list we focus on the less visited but also culturally valuable places, i.e. the less touristy places in St. Petersburg.

1. The Mosaic Courtyard

Mosaico en el patio

Among the city’s darkest courtyards is a small mosaic courtyard, which is a monumental painting of the Academy of Arts. Here you can go with your children in St. Petersburg, it will certainly be worth visiting.

It is a small courtyard in Tchaikovsky Street, which is hidden from passers-by. The courtyard is not on the list of standard city guides, probably because in St. Petersburg they are not very fond of this area of the rainbow.

Mosaic Courtyard is a creative laboratory of Vladimir Lubenko. Creator of a small Academy of the Arts. Lubenko together with customers has created a regular courtyard in the spirit of fairy tales. They gave the northern capital a lot of color, a place where anyone will be happy to spend their time.

The courtyard is decorated with a mosaic of different colored glass, on different benches, curbs and small sculptures where they started playing with new colors. Many of those who have been here for the first time, unintentionally started to remember Antonio Gaudi, who is one of the extraordinary architects of the 20th century. A majority think that he looks like the famous brush of the Austrian Friedrich Hundertwasser.

Most of the objects that fill the courtyard are presented from a variety of stories, but you can often find figures of lions, angels and men.

Lubenko with his team, did not want to stop this stage, there are still a lot of improvement plans for St. Petersburg. There are many more places he wants to change beyond recognition, you should add a little color to any attention being paid to them by passersby.

This mosaic courtyard is an act of goodwill, in other words, a burst of pure art.

The courtyard is located at ul. Tchaikovsky, d. 2.

2. Baba Yaga’s Hut.


The miracles around us: the house next door can often be a fairy tale character from the old Russian fairy tales.

What to visit in St. Petersburg? Visit the village of Ulyanovka, which is 40 km away from the city. In 2007, one of the residents, Vasily Kozin, bought the land a garbage dump, cleaned it up and started to embody the dream – the construction of Baba Yaga’s house.

For the construction of Kozin’s hut he prepared himself thoroughly – reading and studying picture books of Russian folk tales, was his daily constant, guides concerning the installation of wooden huts, visited the museum of wooden architecture, which is located in Nizhny Novgorod. The master has taken into account all the parameters of the design and construction of the house of magic. Baba Yaga House made of logs, is a real fairytale house. Inside there is a large room, and to enter the fabulous house there is an easy staircase.

Baba Yaga’s cabin is very popular with tourists who spend the whole morning with the children. The teacher wants to organize a fantasy world. To do this, he wants to carry out figure Kota, Goblin, and Baba Yaga, in a farmhouse converted into a castle with a snake roof. Myths in Russian tales.
The wooden house is located in the village of Ulyanovka.

3. The St. Petersburg Planetarium

El Planetario de San Petersburgo

What to do in St. Petersburg, what to know? Of course the planetarium! Since 1959, the former sports and circus complex became a planetarium after its reconstruction.
A room with an optomechanical device “The Planetarium”. The great dome in which you can observe astronomical phenomena. A room called “Cosmic Voyage” invites everyone to make their dreams come true. In the “Planetarium” room you can see our beautiful planet, changing a variety of time zones and centuries in a matter of minutes.
Here, in the laboratories we perform in front of the visitors a series of interesting experiments and show things that seem quite unreal. Exciting experiences associated with mechanics, optics, electricity.
These modern telescopes can see celestial bodies with the naked eye using multiple magnification on the instrument.
The entire educational program is very diverse. All interested people can participate in scientific conferences, various workshops and visit the exhibition.

The Planetarium is located at: Alexander Park, 4.

4. The “Water Universe” Museum

Museo El Universo de Agua

This museum complex is the place to go for a walk in St. Petersburg. You can see it from afar, as it is located in an old water tower and room tank.

The museum is a modern, high-tech facility. It consists of 3 parts. The exhibition “Water from the World of St. Petersburg” is located inside the water tower. Here you can see rare and interesting things. In the annex, which is located in the water tower on the left, you can see a multimedia exhibition, called “The St. Petersburg Underworld”. The building is an old underground tank is where you can get information about drinking water.

On weekdays it is held, a multimedia exhibition of works only for tourist groups, but the weekend is worth a look on your own.

The exhibition is located at ul. D.56 Shpalernaya.

5. St. Petersburg in miniature

San Petersburgo en miniatura

You can imagine yourself as Gulliver, who made trips to interesting and magical places, like St. Petersburg, and admiring the architectural buildings of the miniature city, a place where you can see the whole city in just a few hours.

It’s easy to do, even to fantasize about being this fairytale character. In clear weather you can visit the Alexander Park and admire the architectural and informative tourist centre “The Miniature City”.

The opening was on June 5, 2011. As a result, this wonderful corner of the park became your “pearl. The center is occupied by a group of sculptors, consisting of miniature monuments of St. Petersburg.

The author’s idea is the creation in miniature of: the Admiralty, with rostral columns Stock Exchange, St. Isaac’s Cathedral. You can also see the Peter and Paul Fortress. One of the main places occupied by a small copy of monuments Barclay de Tolly and Kutuzov, Pushkin and Peter I.

Above all beauty dominated by the figure of St. Peter, who is the patron saint of St. Petersburg, and holds in his hands a bunch of keys to the city.

These miniatures are located in the Alexander Park.

6. “The Woodland Embassy” – Zoo

La embajada del Bosque - zoológico

What to visit in St. Petersburg with the childrens? Of course, at the “Forest Embassy”, which is a unique project with a petting zoo for the whole Russian Federation. It even has a set of laws, mission and its own constitution. Today, the Embassy has branches in St. Petersburg, Ufa, Moscow and Novosibirsk.

In 2014 in November the St. Petersburg office “Forest Embassy” was opened in the shopping center “Monpase” on the third floor. It is the home of kangaroos, raccoons, deer, porcupines, meerkats, guinea pigs, rabbits, foxes, goats, parrots and African hedgehogs. They are captive but well cared for animals and their relatives who live with humans for a long time and are perfectly safe.

For these “Embassy of the Forest” zoos, the open design of the enclosures is very characteristic, allowing everyone to come into contact with the animals. Here all guests and residents of the zoo are allowed to share the most positive emotions.

Once a month at the zoo, the “Day of Kindness” action is a charity event. These are guided tours that are conducted for children in need.

“Embassy of the Forest” is located at the address: Comandante Prospect Street Planner, Building 59 (TC “Montpensier”, 3rd floor)

7. Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines

Museo de máquinas recreativas soviéticas

In the mid-seventies, players had few options: dominoes, chess and checkers, board games of a generation that gradually disappeared, to welcome into society the addicted to certain contingents or bored students and that is when slot machines entered the entertainment market.

“Small town” and “Highway”, “Battleship” and “Basketball”, “Sniper” and “Meet-M” kids fell in love with these entertainment machines. And now, these slot machines can easily attract a lot of people because of their old style. These adults come to think about the past, about their young years. And in these primitive graphic slots that still cause originality, tenderness and naivety.

The museum has collected over 50 arcade machines. This collection is regularly updated. The last machine was brought from summer camp, which is located near Kaluga.

All the exhibits are participating in exhibitions and various events. The owners offer to install slot machines at parties or in travel agencies.

The slot machine museum located in a historical building, which used to be the imperial stables today has another purpose. All the original surroundings are very attractive for those who want to play the machines. There are also soda water vending machines. When you buy a ticket, a token service is offered, with which you can play in all 15 machines.

The museum is great for celebrating a birthday or a holiday. It is for children and adults. There are also workshops and competitions they organize.

This museum is located in the area of Nevsky Prospekt stables, house 2B.

8. The Model of “St. Petersburg Water”

Maqueta El agua de San Petersburgo

“The Waters of St. Petersburg” – a theater, where to go in St. Petersburg is necessary. It is a reconstruction of the life and main attractions of St. Petersburg, the time of the formation of the city and how the Russian fleet was born in the format of an interactive miniature.

This historical arrangement helps to recreate the image of the city in recent years. Before the eyes of the visitors they opened several architectural sets and landscapes from the time of Catherine the Great and Peter I. Guests of the northern capital will be able to see the city’s islands but without ordinary columns, the first port construction in the city, the beautiful Prince Menshikov’s mansion, which is on the site of St. Petersburg State University and Fortress in Oranienbaum, and a royal masked ball held at the Peterhof Palace. In the design time has stopped in the middle of the 18th century. The most important part of the exhibition has some St. Petersburg water areas, which are located in the perimeter of the main architectural attractions.

One of the main objectives of the layout of the hall is a reconstruction of the urban complex. The most important thing is the idea of the organization of the project is to show all the life of the northern capital. With the help of modern technology made interactive environment that can be controlled by pressing buttons.

The theatre is located in Malaya Morskaya Street, Building 4, SEC “Admiral”, 6th floor.

9. El patio con la casa Carlson.

El patio con la casa Carlson

El bueno de Carlson se fue volando, pero prometió a todos volver. No defraudó, y regresó a San Petersburgo, y se instaló en su propia casa.
Con el fin de ver la casa del héroe, se pueden haber desviado al hermoso patio de la ciudad a lo largo del terraplén que lleva a la casa de nuestro heroe, ella se puede ver en una de las casas en el techo como hay un pequeño y acogedor establecimiento, que cuenta con cortinas y una pequeña linterna exterior.
También en el patio, dondese encuentra la casa de Carlson, hay  un teatro para niños llamado Karlsson Haus. Una conocida leyenda dice que Carlson lleva un largo tiempo viviendo en el ático. Para acceder es necesario comprar un boleto para poder disfrutar de la visita.

Casa se encuentra en la avenida Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor, Fontanka Embankment, Edificio 50.

10. The Toy Museum.

Museo del Juguete

This museum has enough space for all the toys: a mother and a teddy bear and a modern doll.

This museum, which is to go with children. And it’s not just about satisfying children, but about making sure that all children who love toys and adults enjoy themselves. Here you can talk to your child about his or her remarkable childhood: to show him or her the toys that Russian children used long ago.

The main feature of this museum is that its organizers see that play is not only children’s entertainment, but any toy is an art form, and only then a child’s game. You can explore the history of mankind with toys. Here are rag toys for peasant children and luxury porcelain dolls in gold. The museum’s greatest pride is a German dollhouse where 40 18th century porcelain beauties live.

The Toy Museum has three large rooms.

You can visit the museum in Chkalovskaya Karpovka Street, house 32.

Everyone who has visited St. Petersburg knows that it is a must in life, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup is an excellent opportunity to do so, as well as to watch entertaining football. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the trip to extract maximum enjoyment.

People should see all the interesting cultural heritage, and educational and entertainment activities should also be included in the programme of recreation.