What to visit in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg (formerly called Sverdlovsk) is considered the capital of the Urals. For a long time it served as a starting point in the Urals circle, and still deserves direct attention to its cultural heritage and its historical sites.

An interesting fact is that initially in the place that is Yekaterinburg had to create the base of the city artificially, and this is where the history of this city began. The first Russian reformer Peter the Great in 1721, planned to put in this place the production of iron ore. The scale of the construction of the artificial base is not inferior to the construction of St. Petersburg.

Now this city in terms of population is fourth after Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow, with 1,383,700 inhabitants living in it now. In the city there are many unique historical places, which must be visited.

Here we present the main attractions of Yekaterinburg with photos and description:

1. Urals Nature Museum.

ekaterinburg Museo de la Naturaleza de los Urales.

The largest museum in the city has more than 60 thousand objects. Of course, seeing so many at once is not possible, since some of them are in the warehouse or in reconstruction. The museum presents a wide variety of flora and fauna of the Ural region. Paleontological department impressive, that exposed the bones of a mammoth, a bear of the caverns and some deer.

An extensive collection in the wildlife department, where a number of animals are dissected in a box with the image of their habitat.

With an excellent preserved diorama, they have created an unforgettable experience when visiting the museum. In addition, the museum is very well and reveal archaeological features of the Ural mountains. Even here there is a room of oddities, where there are many rare and exotic wildlife species. Among them, a stuffed crocodile, who has lived in the local zoo for more than 60 years.

Address: Str. Gorki, 4

2. New monastery-Tikhvin.

ekaterinburg Nuevo monasterio-Tikhvin.

The convent dates from the 18th century. A wealthy merchant buried his wife in the cemetery and decided to build a church there, but at the beginning it was made of wood. The house was empty for a long time, until it was taken by three women, who led a solitary life, and praying hard. Thus began the convent, in the middle of the 19th century there were a little less than a thousand residents.

ekaterinburg Nuevo monasterio-Tikhvin

The monastery became a place for many pilgrims, including representatives of the royal family. In the territory there are six churches, with cells and various workshops. In the Soviet era the building was destroyed, and for the moment, it is working on the restoration and recovery of the walls. In 1994, by decree of the Holy Synod, the monastery was gradually restored according to the old tradition.

At this moment in the monastery there are more than 150 sisters who live in its territory. Here they opened a soup kitchen and an orphanage.

Address: Str. Green Grove, d. one

3. House Sevastyanov.

ekaterinburg Casa Sevastyanov.

Architectural excellence in classic style with a touch of Gothic voyeur, not only for tourists, but also for the residents who live here.

ekaterinburg Casa Sevastyanov

Curved corners and a lot of stucco were a novelty at the time. The house, beauty and grandiosity in no way inferior to the palace that gained its unique appearance in the 19th century. Before that, the building changed owners several times, but the name Sevastyanov was lawful for the building.

Nikolai, the owner, loved his house, and wrote about it a legend, which is still remembered. The Soviet government in 1917, considered its architectural perfection After Sevastyanovskogo house was recovered at a cost of 1.8 billion. Rubles.

Currently, the building is listed among the architectural monuments of the cultural heritage of federal importance.

Address: Lenin Avenue 35

4. Museum of History the stone and jewels.

ekaterinburg Museo de Historia lapidaria y joyas.

The Museum was founded in 1992 in the place that previously occupied the pharmacy department of the mountain. The architecture of the building still remains unchanged since 1821. Among the jewels there are precious metals, stone articles, a collection of ancient coins and unique paintings.

The products of the Urals were famous all over the world, for this reason they were included Lapidarian works created by decree of the emperor, that take the name of Catherine. Masterpieces of the stone factory that are still in the palaces of St. Petersburg.

ekaterinburgMuseo de Historia lapidaria y joyas

But to see this in detail the idea was to create the museum, which transported from the past to our days the splendor of this art. There is a remarkable collection of stone stamps, malachite items, which you can not only see, but also to learn the method for manufacturing, cutting and complexity of the process.
Also on display are Klebnikov’s famous jeweler, garnet earrings, dating from the 18th century of a family of Tarasova merchants.
The museum not only has an exhibition hall, but organizes exhibitions on request. Not long ago the Olympic medals brought from Sochi were shown.

Address: 37 Lenin Street

5. Zoo Yekaterinburg.

ekaterinburg Zoo Ekaterimburgo.

If you are interested in wildlife or you are wondering where to go with children, better place than a zoo in Yekaterinburg, you will not find. The enormous size of the area of 30 hectares, which will soon expand to 40 hectares. Here are types of animals that can only be seen here. More than 70 species of Red Book fauna.

ekaterinburg Zoo Ekaterimburgo

In 1930, the foundation of the zoo had only 60 species, now the number of individuals exceeds 1200 and the management of the zoo is responsible for bringing new animals every year. Here you can see tigers, Amur leopards, snow leopards, chimpanzees, Indian elephants and many others.

The exotic species of animals that live here and reproduce, which is an indicator of the conditions of good condition in which the facilities are located. Near each enclosure there are signs with a detailed description and the name of the inhabitants of the zoo.

ekaterinburgo Zoo Ekaterimburgo

The Yekaterinburg Zoo has satisfied the needs during the holidays to students with various educational activities and competitions. Biology circle also works, in which students can consolidate their knowledge of the school.

Address: Ul. Mamin – Sibiryak, 29

Ekaterinburg can be attributed that it is one of those cities that is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Touch the places where tales and legends were created, and immerse yourself in the world of tales of the Urals, gems and mountains. It is a stone gem craftsmanship for foreign tourists is exotic, and it is not surprising that the popularity of these places will only grow and attract more and more people to assess the identity of the Urals. Having been here once, you will have to come back here again and again.