Yaroslavl Park

The Yaroslavl Park (or the Millennium Park) has become one of the gifts presented in Yaroslavl, on the occasion of the city’s millennium anniversary. The date of its foundation dates back to the year 1010, when the place of the former race track on the Kotorosl embankment was taken and advantageously transformed, as it was a desolate territory. The construction of the park began in 2009, in the improvement of future destinations, and attended the usual Yaroslavl, the city administration and even honorable public figures. Famous citizens like Valentina Tereshkova, Boris Gryzlov, Alexandra Pahmutowa and Nikolai Dobronravov planted trees. A company from Yaroslavl presented the park’s fountains in the municipality and the entrepreneurs were assisted financially. One year later, in September 2010, it was finally the grand opening. It is worth mentioning that the new park became part of the large-scale “City Park” anniversary. The structure of this area also includes a business centre, a hotel, a modern concert hall and a sports complex. It is perfect for a walk in Yaroslavl.

Of course, Yaroslavl Park still cannot boast of dense vegetation and picturesque alleys among the tall trees. So far, it has only current contours, but it is welcoming and popular, especially as a walking area for children.

The Yaroslavl Park has the legendary symbol of Yaroslavl, a bear, and is a bronze sculpture with a place of honor in the center of the park in Yaroslavl and was presented by Zurab Tsereteli. Yaroslavl initially did not accept a new guest (in this case, the sculpture), according to why it was not very elegant, and seemed somewhat aggressive. Eventually, the bronze bear was accepted to be placed in the park. Now all the citizens of the state, in a dreamy mood, consider it their duty to rub the nose of the shining beast in the hope that their wish will come true.

Recreation in Yaroslavl Park

If you want to walk around Yaroslavl, visit this Millennium Park.

The trees in the park entertain and they say that it is for all tastes and ages. For babies there is the colorful playground, where not only children, but also their mothers enjoy, due to the special rubber coating, as they soften the fall. Young people prefer an active holiday so there are bikes and roller skates, and thanks to this you can get a dose of adrenaline on the spot, even with a skateboard. In the evenings there are dances under the brass band that they perform for the older generation.

And yet here you can sit on one of the benches near the fountain and simply read a book. The benefit of the surrounding atmosphere is conducive to such a meditative and idyllic vacation.

The Millennium Park has excellent neighbors. On the Kotorosl shore you will find the boat station and a yacht club. A little further away is the relaxation area, which invites you to skate in winter, and in summer it is transformed into a comfortable private beach. If you walk along the embankment in Kotorosl next to the center, you can reach the public beach, “Damansky island”. On the other hand, there is the modern “Millennium” concert hall, next to a café-restaurant, as well as the summer shops, which extend to the open-air cinema. Across the street is St. Nicholas Church, Tikhvin Church and the new planetarium. As you walk around Yaroslavl, mention these places of interest.

How to get to Millennium Park?

You can park your car at the “Tchaikovsky Street” stop. Going down Tchaikovsky Street, you will be taken directly to the main entrance. Another option to go to the park is on the streets of Freedom and Labor Square, and it is convenient in terms of diversity of public transportation, but in this case you will have to walk for 15-20 minutes.

If you have time to walk around Yaroslavl, visit this park.


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